Thursday, March 15, 2007


Thanks for all of the suggestions on creating more contrast between trees and background (on last post). I always appreciate suggestions! Have created a bit more contrast with colored pencils and hope that the quilting (whenever I get back to this piece) will also help.

For an amusing approach to some excellent tips, visit Granny. And if you need advice, Granny has a page for that as well. Be sure to find out why they took Granny's design wall away from her.

I'm doing a lot of experimenting lately. One must take advantage of inspiration, even if it it is not your own. The inspiration of others keeps my mind spinning with possibilities. Here are some things I want to try (at some point):

From Nellie at Nellie's Needles : Quilting and Press'n Seal, and oh, almost anything that Nellie does. Ortwork or crinkle quilts or shoes.

From Jude at Spirit Cloth: letter blocks and story quilts and more, lots more.

**I started this post this morning, before "stuff happened" and I had to leave. It never fails that when you think you have plenty of time, you don't. Someday, I'll learn not to procrastinate, because as sure as I do (thinking that I'll have plenty of time to tend to those chores, like cleaning for company) something will come up, and I will wish I hadn't assumed I had plenty of time.

I left in the middle of this post, and now that I'm home, I've got to get busy and catch up on other things, so this post will have to be curtailed. I'll finish looking at inspiration later, but I'm expecting company this weekend, our daughter and her family. So I must get some things done now and will have grandchildren to entertain me this weekend!


  1. Thanks for the link to "Granny" - useful things there!
    And I'll keep your wise words in mind: "when you think you have plenty of time, you don't".

  2. Love the trees quilt - you're inspiring me to try something new via art quilting.
    I sure do understand about life's little interruptions as you wrote about. Happens all the time! Have a great weekend with the grands. :D

  3. margaret - I've already had a call this morning and looks like today, too, will be spent at the doctor's office or getting tests.

    Conni - Thanks! I am so looking forward to our Mila and Max...

  4. jude - she's a hoot, isn't she? I love the liveliness of her site.


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