Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sewing, gardening, yadda, yadda

Haven't had much time for sewing lately. I was originally going to try to make at LEAST one monkey block a day, but that was a week or two back. Here is all I've done recently.

The sawtooth border strip is new; the other border strip is left over from a project a couple of years ago, but the colors work. I'm still enjoying this using of scraps mixed with the monkey fabric and the Marston "liberated style."

Yard work and all the other concerns of life have been taking time lately. Yesterday, among other things, I went to Cold Water Creek, Ann Taylor, and Dillard's looking for casual clothes. Didn't find anything that I liked or that or the other. Since I have little patience for shopping, that was a big undertaking and a lot of lost time for nothing. I couldn't face going anywhere else.

Took the groceries over to Laddie's, then headed back to my side of the river and to the library where my friend Donnie (librarian) made fun of me because the books were overdue. "So what?" I say. "A two dollar fine for the use of all of these books for a little more than two weeks--well worth it." He just grins. We've had this conversation so many times.

The trip to the library was more profitable than the attempt to find clothing, but since I have so many stacks already waiting, completely unnecessary.

Home Depot provided tomato plants, dill, cilantro, various pepper plants, zucchini and crookneck squash, eggplant, and marigolds. :)


  1. Oh man. I am going to need to find a few "presentable" outfits and some casual pieces for the warmer weather. Not looking foward to it. MUCH more pleasant to contemplate your plant acquisitions and too many library books!

  2. ...all the other concerns of life have been taking time lately...

    Ah yes. How well I know that refrain. I am dreading the warmer weather because it means I will need to get some new clothes. My usual M.O. is to find one thing I like and buy several colors of the same style so I don't have to bother finding and trying on things that I like and that fit. Isn't that awful...

  3. ACey - Sometimes what we need is not really what we want! I really do need some presentable clothes-- but I want them tailored to fit w/o my presence and I want them delivered. ASAP.

    Rian - I do the same thing. When I can find it, that is. I've also found that some years, I like most of the styles and some years almost nothing. Right now I want some good casual pants that are soft and loose and comfortable -that I can wear at home and out, too. But the petite sections are always limited, and I hate cutting of a foot of fabric then hemming.

  4. Yep, overdue book fines and US postage stamps are the greatest bargains on earth!

  5. I know what you mean about the shopping...I went a few weeks ago and had difficulty knowing where to go since it had be ages that I shopped for clothing. I hardly use this word but what I saw made me say "ugly". I ended up with some jeans and some plain tops and called it a day.

    Home Depot and the library sound like the better part of the day!

  6. The spring beckons us all to the yard, just as fabric beckons us all to the studio...well, sort

  7. Jen - I don't know what happened to me over the past few years because I did enjoy shopping for clothing but now I dread it. I shop in the petite section too. For the most part I do well at Talbots. I don't like some of the newer styles, I like tailored, classic much better than trendy stuff. I think my age is telling on me. :)

  8. Jane Ann - Truly!

    Karoda - :) Ah, I'm not the only one, then?

    Quilty - Yes, getting the yard looking good while the weather is nice (before too much heat & humidity here) is important

  9. Conni - you must have been commenting at the same time I was. I like Talbots, too!

  10. Worked outside all was beautiful. Now I'm up this morning looking at my fabric ready to take my turn inside a bit. Got to

    and yes your are right, we must get as much done outside before the heat and humidity here also.

  11. julieb - I did a little sewing this morning. Another monkey block. Errands occupied most of the morning, frustrating though that turned out to be! Mondays are unpredictable...

    3/26/2007 1:15 PM


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