Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday and grands

Well, Thursday and Friday were hectic and not too effective in the house cleaning department, but thanks to all the assurances that I'm not alone in this department, I did the best I could and shrugged off the frustration.

Erin, Eric, Mila, and Max arrived last night. Now, that is enough to drag me out of depression and frustration. Must get back to Barny and Mila, but will check in when I have a chance.


  1. So I'm guessing you didn't make it down to BR for the GSQA show. I didn't go either, but my quilt did and it's coming home with some added embellishment! I think it was only an honorable mention, but I didn't feel bad since it was the only one I sent and I never mind winning a ribbon. Even a white one.

    I spent 2 hours at least last night mucking around in all those great links (and links from links from links from those) you posted.

  2. Oh, the grands - what an antidote to depression!

  3. Delta - Congratulations! A ribbon is a great embelllishment!

    Gerrie - You are so right!


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