Monday, March 12, 2007

Lenten Rose

Here is the Lenten Rose (Hellleborus orientalis) I re-discovered. They like full to partial shade and were almost hidden which is one reason I've overlooked them this year; the colors are delicate and soft. Not the best picture of them.

I've been busy folding fabric, not putting it away, just straightening it up. I'm still drawing from this large stack, but in the resulting chaos of cutting a bit from this one or that one, looking for another red, or for a polka dot, or for the right piece for the roof the pile on my cutting table had grown.

As I've folded and stacked, I've been listening to NPR on line: Roger Angell talking about his stepfather E.B. White and White's recently published letters and another interview with Angell on the writing life; Fifty Years of The Cat in the Hat; Fiona Ritchie of Thistle and Shamrock being interviewed on All Songs Considered discussing Celtic music. It is much easier to clean up while listening.

A sawtooth border pinned and ready for chain piecing and a liberated tree.


  1. That Lenten Rose is beautiful. I love all your funny signs.

  2. Fran, finding the Lenten Rose not only surviving but thriving, brightened my day. Aren't the signs funny?

  3. oh Jen you're coming up north to organize MY work space once you're done tidying your own right? Heh.

    Love looking at the delicate lenten rose. I need to get this beauty off my wish list and into my actual life!!

  4. I love the Lenten Rose. I don't think they grow here, but I remember seeing them when we were in Seattle and loving them there. They're sometimes all green, or at least with very pale green flowers, or am I imagining that?

  5. ACey - I was really just clearing a space to work! Fabric, fabric, just seemed to be a slow-motion explosion as I pulled out new fabrics and created new scraps. Not that I wouldn't love the opportunity to organize your workspace, but you know I'd be sidetracked by all your lovely threads and treasures!

    Kay - Many of the Lenten Roses have green and one (Helleborus foetidus) is always green, I think. I didn't realize that they tolerated drought so well, but by golly, these sure did. I read that they are hardy in zones 4-9, but can survive in zone 3.

  6. have returned to this post as I just linked to it and drawn attention to your banner. I forgot I had kidded you.


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