Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gardens, Quilts, and Paper Dolls

Yesterday started with phone calls that had to be tended to, and I didn't get home until nearly noon. Then last night more stressful stuff on the same topic, although part of the discussion was on the patio of El Chico's, and I did get a beer out of it. So...nothing really accomplished yesterday in the garden or sewing room.

Today will be more of the same, but I'm trying to get myself better organized. :)

Over at The Fabric of Meditation you can find this little quilt that I just adore. And so much more.

If you like paper dolls, this site is terrific. Here is a very glamorous one from the 20's and if you run your curser over her, her clothes change. And here is Jane Austen, and Beth from Little Women. I may end up ordering some of these. For Our Mila, of course; I'm way too old for paper dolls...or not.

Whew, finally found the time to finish this post.


  1. I stumbled across that paper doll website just a few days ago. Oh my heavens -- such neat stuff. Just gorgeous.

  2. During my youth I loved & collected so many paper dolls and loved them so much. If I came across a spare dime, it was spent on a book of paper dolls which I would meticulously cut out to my heart's content. :) I looked at the links and I choose Beth as my favorite, she's so sweet.

  3. OMG. Paper dolls. I haven't thought of them in ages. My sister and cousins and I would play "paper dolls" for days in the long summers. Thanks for the memory.

  4. Mia and I love paper dolls. Yesterday we were cutting out ballet costumes for a ballerina paper doll which led to her asking about Petruschka. We googled it and found the story. I will save these sites for her next visit.

  5. Suzanne - I thought they were so much fun. Loved the literary touch!

    Conni - I loved them when I was young. Well, I guess I still do.

    Rian - Did you make them clothes? I thought I was a fashion designer!

    Gerrie - Oh, I bet Mia will enjoy these, too. I don't remember any ballerinas, but still...

  6. I always bugged my mom to hurry reading her McCall's magazine so she would let me have it for the Bestsy McCall's paper dolls...That Little People site and her main site you linked to is wonderful...such artistry...I could really get lost there...

  7. Debby -I still love the Betsy McCall paper dolls! Wouldn't it be great to see a "retrospective" over the years with all of their costumes!

  8. Oh, how I love my paper dolls. My first creative efforts were in designing clothing for mine. I still wish I had some of my Brenda Starr paperdolls that we cut from the Sunday comics. She was soooo glamorous.

  9. Fran - I loved designing the clothes, too. Even designed my own girly!


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