Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blogging Difficulties

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but several times today I was unable to comment on Blogger posts because the letters weren't visible. Kim, I really love "tiara" of hearts; as usual, you have such an inventive way of expressing yourself. The words on the back are great, too. Are they fused, then sewn?

Another blogging difficulty has been the return of spam. For such a long time after turning the word verification off on my blog, I had no problems. Then I started getting spam again and had to turn word verification back on. I'm going to wait a few more days then turn it off again. All the spam comments were on older posts and appeared to be the same person. Hopefully, he/she will forget about me after a while.

After the stormy start today, we ended up with cooler weather and sunshine. I find it hard to imagine the snow storms that some states are going through, but by cooler, I mean back down in the 60's.


  1. I have been having similar problems. I think I'll have to bite the bullet and do the secret typing code thing. I can see the letters today, but all week, no secret code letters. Grrr. Typepad is looking better all the time.

    For me, cooler is the low 50s. Which is what it has been this week. That's the high, by the way. Dowright chilly, if you ask me.

  2. Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yes, often the letters are missing for me to. I just click "post" and almost always can see the second batch of letters that appears. Now and then I have to do it again, but only once did I get no letters on the third try.

  4. Rian - Frustrations keep mounting! I'm planning to take the verification off when the spammer forgets about me.

    Deb - Thanks. We don't get much winter here in the South, do we?

    Patti - Nothing has worked for me on some blogs. Others work fine, or at least, on a subsequent attempt. Weird.

  5. i used blogger for a while, but always had problems with comments or pictures, so far typepad has been much better.

  6. I did the same thing as Patti when I couldn't see the letters...just hit post and the show up the second time.

    Its UP to the 50s today!

  7. I have had the problem. I am also mad at blogger because it no longer creates a link to my blog. Oh, well!

  8. Hey! I just tried something different and now it goes to my website!! I think I had to put the http: in! Duh!

  9. Me, too. I ended up emailing my comments if the there was one available.

    Your flowers are lovely. I have crocus and daffodils as well as a few candy tufts blossoms ... and of course, pansies.

  10. Blogger and Yahoo Mail have had problems the past few days.

    I have been getting spam from posting a year old. I may have to turn verification back on to.

    I can't wait for flowers here in Chicagoland!

  11. jude - I set up a Typepad account, then Blogger started working for me again. Don't want to learn a bunch of new stuff, but may have to.

    K - That usually works for me, but not this time. Fortunately, things seem to be back to normal now.

    Gerrie - I have lots of "duh" moments; the accompany my CRS symptoms.

    Nellie - I could have done that with Kim because I have her email address, but so many people don't have their email address on their profile page.

    I regret not getting pansies in this fall--they have been spectacular!

    Debbi - We do have things in bloom early...but we have almost no winter, the ground never freezes, and we have 75+ degrees in February. Not that it makes up completely for the suffocating heat and humidity (that also comes early and stays late)!

  12. Beautiful flowers. I thought it was fantastic to have a hi temp of 59 today. But I have dry heat in the summer, wouldn't know how to live with real humidity.

  13. I finally diving into some blog reading after a couple of weeks away from it. (SOOOO overwhelming!)

    Thanks... I had fun with the tiara piece which has made its way safely to Sarah. And Yes, the words are fused on and then tacked down with machine blanket stitch - tedious work but gives a nice finished look.


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