Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another sign, garden chores, and a Lenten Rose

Laume (of Laume's Studio and Beach Treasure) enjoyed the signs I posted earlier and emailed this picture she took in New York. Little chance of confusion with the bottom one. Thanks, Laume!

This morning it rained, and I complained because the weather was so beautiful yesterday, and I'd planned on yard work today. As I moaned and groaned, it cleared off and we were treated to a marvelous afternoon. So the yard and garden clean up got done after all.

Although we need the rain (and it is moving back in as I type), we also needed to do some mowing and trimming and disposal of all the detritus that wasn't discarded in the fall. Fee was home this afternoon and did the mowing and gutter cleaning. I dug up a shrub and two rose bushes that were in the wrong place and that I've threatened to dispose of every year. I also dug up cannas that were WAY to crowded and banana plants that were in the wrong place. It was an afternoon extravaganza, but things are looking better. It was so hot! Shorts, sleeveless shirt, and sweat--a winning combination.

My treat was finding a Lenten Rose I'd planted a couple of years ago and forgotten about. Actually thought it died during last year's drought. But no, in perfect harmony with the season, it was putting on a lovely, if tastefully sedate show. Now, why didn't I take pictures? Didn't even dawn on me and doubt I'll have a chance tomorrow, if the weather holds to the prediction. I'm always forgetting to take my camera with me when I leave, but the camera was within easy reach if I'd just thought of it.


  1. at least you have the picture in your head!

  2. love that you're actively sewing again and that you're able to garden! I have never had a lenten rose to know up close and personal-like so this is always an especially thrilling vicarious item with-in the reports of other people who like plants.

  3. jude - I got a picture of it this morning and will post it soon...very low key little plant, but lovely.

    Acey - I like the fact that so many quilters have an interest in gardening! I'm glad to have some projects in the works that I'm enjoying. Sometimes it seems to be all or nothing. :)

  4. so nice that you are able to dig and play in the dirt already! up here on the 'north coast' we're still weeks away from that type of play. however, at least I can say the snow and ice disappearing. I totally forgot to turn on the tv yesterday to watch the "art of quilting," but was heartened to see they already have it on dvd - so all is not lost should my local station not rerun it. I meant to comment on your march 7 post and give you a heads up about a book by one of the authors you mentioned- U believe it's the latest by jean shinoda bolen - and is called "urgent message from Mother: gather the women, save the world' check out my blog tomorrow as I plan on posting something related that you and your buds may find of interest.

  5. kimy - I regret to say that I forgot to watch as well. I will be sure to check your blog for your post about/related to Jean Bolen!


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