Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wed. WIP

I haven't been able to work on the new baby quilt much, but when I can, I find myself relaxing. So will try to find time to work on it more often, as relaxation is always good. The colors aren't very good- way too yellowy, but at least I have something to post for WIP Wed.

Ugh! I hate the way the color looks, but the ones taken on my design wall with the flash look awful.

The color is much better on this detail taken with natural light. My fingers are all punctured up again from forgetting the finger protectors for the hand on the bottom of the quilt. I find that I also switch fingers and push the needle through with the finger the thimble isn't on as well.

Pieced backs are fun. Working with the left overs and keeping it fairly simple, I often end up preferring the back. But that yucky color...

My days lately begin and end with phone calls and in between...well, little uninterrupted time. The thing I can usually do best with lots of interruptions is - surprise - read. I also am trying to clean house, but frequently have to stop and leave in the middle of changing sheets, laundry, vacuuming. Then when I get home, I don't want to finish! Must be in the mood for house work.

I need a vacation; dreaming of being in a wonderful studio--somewhere else! In the mountains, by the sea, with every amenity I can dream of, and no interruptions. Books for the times I feel like reading, movies and music for the time when I'm hand quilting. A beautiful view. No phone.


  1. trying to comment without success! Wanted to say that I also love pieced backs and approve of everything on your amenities list. I would also like a vegan-friendly world class chef and being able to decide "along the way" when the vacation will actually end.

  2. Jenclair, if you ever find yourself with the time to take such a vacation I suggest you take a look at Mary Anderson Center for the Arts in Floyds Knob, Indiana. The other place I've dreamed about going is in Floria...maybe the name is the Atlantic Center for the Arts or something similiar.

  3. gosh, that floral is gorgeous...and pieced backs, yes, i started out using up leftovers this way and that is what led me to the reversible quilt i am now working on. i am longing for a break from the commuter train phone....

  4. I am loving those fabrics. These days my eyes are attracted to pinks more than ever before. Sometimes we just need a "get-away", don't we! Take care. :)

  5. ACey - I'll take the chef, too!

    K - Visiting one of these places is a dream of mine. I have two different versions: 1) the one I mentioned with complete privacy, and 2) one with wonderful instructors and other quilters for inspiration. Maybe one day, we will both make it!

    jude - The commute must be a real hassle, and I can understand the need for employing your creative talents as you make your way to the city each day!

    connie - I'm going to have to figure out how to get better color on inside photos. That yellowy green isn't accurate.


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