Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I'm worn out! Just got home from spending the night at Laddie's (he has a new medication that needs supervision for a few days). When Katherine got there a little after 8:00, I flew home. Now, I'm contemplating my recliner for a nice mid-morning nap. Don't know if my husband missed me, but Mac sure did, and I owe it to him to cuddle up in our chair and "rest my eyes." Later!


  1. always loves the glimpses of your reading companion and the hijacked recliner. Hope you feel refreshed by the time you see this remark!

  2. Naps are such a good thing. I wish we could all shut down & take one every day.

    The glasswing photos are beautiful. I've never seen such a butterfly.

  3. ACey - :) I still feel a bit guilty over that, but not enough to surrender custody!

    Deb H. - Naps ARE good things! We would all be better of if we could take one every day.

  4. Hang in there, don't overdo.


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