Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Red"dy or Not

Kay from outofthebasement emailed me this fantastic article from The New York Times. "How Do We See Red? Count the Ways" relates the various contradictions of red: "Red is the premier signaling color in the natural world, variously showcasing a fruitful bounty, warning of a fatal poison or boasting of a sturdy constitution and the genes to match."

The article also explains how we see red, the way our eyes work, and why we are able to "discriminate among the subtle differences" in shades of red. The last 2 paragraphs about the productivity of people working in a red room are is particularly interesting!

Thanks, Kay, for sharing this article!

I'm not sure how I found Jude's blog, but I've been following for several weeks now and enjoying the process of her latest quilt. When I first started reading, I didn't recognize any of the commenters(but I visited their blogs and found more creative people). In the last week or so, I've begun seeing more familiar names.
Today's post is about the beginnings of her current quilt.


  1. I love the shots you've been getting of your feeder guests!

    I agree that Jude's blog is wonderful. It was part of my new year's resolution to "feed" myself more nutritious and creatively nurturing things here online - Spirit Cloth is a very good reminder why this kind of thing is important.

  2. Great article and I looooove red!

  3. hey, great reading, very "lava" inspiring......

  4. My dining room is what I like to call "French Whorehouse Red"--really a dark cranberry color. I love it but I also understand red stimulates the appetite so that explains all of these extra pounds I've put on. Did you know pink is supposed to weaken you if you stare at it??!! McDonald's and other fast food chains use orange, yellow and red to speed everyone up and out. Color study is interesting.

  5. ACey - Greedy little birdies! Good New Year's resolution - creative nourishment. I like that.

    Rian - Me, toooo, Rian! I would never wear it before I turned 40 because I didn't want to draw attention. Then I wanted a "menopause red" car. Now, I wear it frequently, but am way past the car.

    Jude - I love the contradictions of red. You're right, though, very lava-like!

    Jo - My dining room is orange...but we seldom eat in there. So I guess that doesn't explain my extra pounds!

  6. Glad you liked the article. I think I need a red room, but not the dining room I guess.

  7. Thanks for the links.

    Red has always been my favorite color.

    Jude's blog is pure poetry in cloth. Very different, but beautiful.


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