Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Glasswing butterfly

My brother forwarded these pictures in an email. Aren't these pictures marvelous? I don't know who took them, but they are certainly beautiful. Thanks Marty!

My other brother won another game last night. He coaches girl's basketball at Southwood High School in Shreveport. Since 1995, his teams have won the state championships 9 times, and will hopefully, make it 10 times this year. Go, Steve and Lady Cowboys!


  1. I've seen these glasswing pictures too, and they are truly beautiful.
    Looks like your quilt is going to be a winner, love that fabric. Jen

  2. I have never seen one of these critters before. At first I thought it was chocolate (honest).

  3. I wonder where these butterflies live, I'd love to see one for real. The orange lantana it is on is one of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, they only grow as annuals here, but do very well in pots in our hot, dry summers.

  4. i love these see thru creatures, i want to use this idea in the velvet forest.....

  5. Jen - Thanks, I like the fabric, too.

    Rian - I haven't seen them before, either, but I really think they're lovely. Chocolate...hmmmm.

    Fran - I Googled them and found they range from Mexico to Panama--way south of you, and even south of me!

  6. Jude - They would be perfect for the velvet forest!!


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