Thursday, February 08, 2007

Froggy went a'courtin'

I like this little steel frog. More steel animals here.

This is the coolest couch I've ever seen. Not sure about comfort, but definitely cool.

Just back from having my teeth cleaned; such a refreshing feeling. Love the little dental hygienist at my dentist's office.

Now, on to phone calls, errand, and other mundane portions of the day.


  1. I LOVE to get my teeth cleaned. If my insurance would pay for it, I'd do it every month. As it is I go 3-4 times a year.

    The couch? Cool maybe, but I wouldn't want it. I wonder how far you could stretch it out before it would sag when you sat on it. If *I* sat on it, it would be a goner for sure.

  2. Rian - i love having my teeth cleaned, too. Especially when that is the only thing to be done!

    I love that video of the couch, and it is evidently quite sturdy, but that doesn't mean I'd want it! Still, I love inventions and this one amuses me. A real conversation piece!

  3. i had to cancel my teeth cleaning when I went back to my brother's funeral. Now, I have to wait until March. That couch is fascinating. I don't think it would be very comfy!!

  4. Hey Jen, I just wanted to let you know I answered your interest about the neocolor crayons in the same post where I mentioned them.


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