Monday, February 26, 2007

Garden pics

Without realizing that Water was nominated for Best Foreign Film, I ordered it from Netflix about 6 weeks ago on the recommendation of Lotus , who reviewed the book made from the movie (a bit unusual) and gave the above link to the movie . I finally watched it yesterday afternoon before going to Laddie's. I'd put off watching it for weeks and went through several Netflix movies before mustering the courage because I'm reluctant to watch sad movies right now. It was sad, but beautiful, and I'm so glad to have experienced it!

It is a gorgeous day here, sunny and warm. I'm hoping to get some yard work done and maybe go for a walk. Spring is here, according to the daffodils.

Garden glimpses


  1. love your slide show, Jen! It is snowing here today and I am having hard time sticking on track. Would rather being doing yard work with daffodils in the background!

  2. Water was one of the few movies I did see. A long time ago, though. It was very touching.

    Love the slides! Very cool.

  3. What a neat slide show, Jenclair, I am going to borrow the idea from you sometime. Glad you saw "Water", I so wanted Deepa Mehta to win the Oscar - maybe next time.

  4. Cool slide show.

  5. Lotus - I can't quit thinking about it or the interview with Deepa Mehta. It was a beautiful film.

    Gerrie - Thanks! So easy!

  6. Jenclair - You will enjoy the other two movies in the trilogy : "Fire" and "Earth". I love "Earth" because it's my father's story. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan, but had to move to India during the Partition in 1947. Infact, I should rent it and show it to my girls. Glad you liked "Water", the book is great too!

  7. I have "Water" in my Netflix queue too. I don't remember where I heard about it. Good to have another recommendation, although like you I tend to put off sad movies.

    Enjoy your beautiful weather.

  8. Lotus - I've added them to the que, but it will be a while before they arrive unless I decide to rearrange the order!

    Kay - The film is fascinating and the photography is wonderful. It was sad, but Deepa Mehta didn't work that angle in a manipulative way. You will be glad you watched.


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