Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Monday

I have the baby quilt all basted and think I'm going to hand quilt it. No hurry on this, and it will give me some hand work for tonight's Heroes and Studio 60--and, well, many more television shows or movies.

Yesterday, after delivering the gumbo to Laddie and visiting for a while, I stopped by JoAnn's and picked up some embroidery floss.

How does embroidery floss work for actual quilting? I have some "thread conditioner" I could use on it...

Just to add to more projects that I don't do, the 40% off coupon went for a copy of Lesley Riley's Quilted Memories.

See the frame Beth gave me? I'm going to try to use it with the baby quilt...although I haven't had much luck with frames. It is old and adjustable, and when I finish with the little quilt, it will make a nice frame to hang on the wall until needed again. I'll find something to put in it and use it like a picture frame.

Here are my only purchases from the Craft show on Saturday: some old type and a rather dirty snowman.

Went back over and drove Laddie down to Raft Bayou in the afternoon. I like this old farm artifact.

This video is a comparison of Europe and Italy. Very funny.


  1. the quilt looks great, beautiful colors.... and embroidery thread works great for quilting, i usually use 2 strands.

  2. I'm very intrigued by the little bits of fabric your photos are showing =-) I really like that large floral...I've not used emb. thread for quilting but I have tied with it...

  3. Thanks, Jude! I think I'm going to do part with thread and part with floss.

    Debby - The fabric is very "girly," but surely out of the batch of expectant mothers there will be a girl announced soon!

  4. I, too, love that big floral piece. Our JoAnns closed so I have been working out of my stash, which I needed to do desperately; but, I am going to Houston Wed and might stop by JoAnns there for a look.

    I use a big embriodery/quilt hoop for handquilting & put it on my lap.

  5. Debra - I only bought the floss at JoAnn's. The other is some I ordered from equilter last spring (or else got with my gift certificate to a LQS); it is April Cornell fabric, though, I do know that.

    I'd really hate it if JoAnn's closed as it is my main source of machine needles with the 40% off coupons!

  6. I love April Cornell fabrics and I will be anxious to see what you do with it. Is the floss for quilting or embellishment?

    The Europe/Italy video was a little too real. Italy is unbelievably beautiful but the people could be maddening. As we flew along the super highways, it was common to see well-dressed men relieving themselves right there on the shoulder. No hiding behind a sign or a tree! I think it's Fodor's guide that says there are no traffic laws in Italy, merely "suggestions." And the bureaucracy--ai-yi-yi. No entrance signs for the Medici museum in Florence, and finally we struggled into a doorway where a young woman was seated at a reception desk. In Italian I asked her if this was the entrance of the museum. Her answer was "No." Period. No pointing in the right direction, no saying it was fine to come in that way, no handing me a map. Nothing; not even a smile. And museum brochures and floorplans are not handed out until you exit the museums. A novel idea, we thought. Oops, I sound like I'm Italian-bashing so I'll stop. Funny video though ... I guess.

  7. Jane Ann - :) I guess the video is a lot funnier if you have not actually experienced any of it!

  8. The video was a riot! I've been there, and driven there. Very funny!

  9. Very fond of the celery green and tomato soup deep pink color scheme. Always have been and *always* smile when I see somebody else working with it.

    They need a sub-category for driving in Naples, specifically. The video made me giggle like mad because I have several memories of my son calling me on his cell during the year he spent there - specially calling to pass time as he hiked along the road rather than wait any longer for a bus that never arrived.

    And yeah the beaurocracy. Not for the faint-hearted to be sure but I still hope to live there for a few years before I'm back in the ground...

  10. I love your little treasures from the craft show.

  11. I have that Quilted Memories book! Like you, just to add to more projects that I don't do. LOL

    When I cross-stitch, I use two strands of the floss, so if you use one or two, it should be fine for quilting. I've never tried it. The color of te gloss against the fabric looks really good.


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