Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Thanks to all of you have responded with your experiences with other blogging homes. When I've had time in the last few days, I've been either working on a Wordpress blog or trying to figure out what the heck happened to my cosy little set-up here.

Deb G., Deb R. and Jane Ann have great looking blogs at Wordpress (thanks, guys, for giving me some extra details), and they seem happy to have made the switch - even if it was a bit of trouble initially. Right now, WP says it can't transfer archives from New Blogger, but that may change.

ACey thanks for the email with more about what your switch entailed and further information about Typepad.

Shelina, I know what you mean. I don't want to switch. I just want to be able to post pictures! But in the last 3 weeks, I've only been able to do that twice - and by such circuitous routes that the steps are still a mystery. Funny, even though I enjoy looking at pictures on other blogs, I had no idea how important it was to my experience of creating a post for my own blog. The ability to add pictures (especially when you can do so easily) is a major part of the pleasure of blogging.

And if Debra has even a small difficulty with her computer knowledge, well....

Helen Suzanne - thanks for the offer, and I may take you up on it. I do think now that the problem originates with Picasa, but who knows? And btw, your new blog look is so soothing and sea-like, very appropriate!

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