Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reviewing Goals and Seeking Inspiration

Well, I'm trying to climb back on the Temperance wagon. Last weekend, I fell off and began grazing on anything that wouldn't eat me first. I mean cobbler and ice cream is simply beyond by ability to resist.

Not doing too well on Order either, but have made some attempts at getting things put away in the right places.

And Tranquillity (sp.) - just what does Franklin mean by "be not disturbed at trifles"? I'm mean, what is a trifle? One woman's molehill may be another's mountain, right? Anyway, while not totally successful, I'm trying to keep referring to Franklin's list of Virtues and just being aware of them seems to be helpful. :)

As far as quilting goes, I'm certainly in a dry spell. Can't seem to finish anything. Can't seem to begin anything new. Fingers crossed that this drought will soon pass. Haven't touched WIP girl, but have finished the binding on the table topper and am doing some embellishment.

It isn't that I can't think of anything...more that there are so many things I'd like to do that right now they overwhelm me.

I'm looking at the productivity of so many of you right now and am so impressed. Love this one by Debby. And everyone over at Quiltstudio is busy, creative, productive.


  1. Ohmygosh! I'm so honored!! What a nice surprise as I sip my morning tea, barly awake, to see my quilt jump off the page =-) Thanks, Jen! Hey, I know about the dry spells and that little piece was waiting at the bottom of the very dry well last week. I just have to make myself think I can come up with something, have a deadline (sorta) and jump in, even though I don't really feel like making anything, would rather sit and read or , well, just sit...I don't know if I can find anything else down there at the bottom for the next quilt but I won't stop looking because quilting is what has kept me sane througout my life as a wife and mother and daughter. You'll get real thirsty again and I can't wait to see what you do then!! Hang in there, dear friend, your life is just dominating things right now...I'm sending you some ((((hugs)))! If we could sit down together and chat and laugh I'd have you sewing something new in no time!! haha!

  2. Love the piece and the explanation of process! And Klee. Quilting has a combination of creatitive and repetitive stuff and both help maintain sanity at appropriate moments. :) Thanks for the encouragement, Debby. I'm telling myself that I'm just lying fallow for a time!

  3. I think most of us go through dry spells. I think of it as recharging my batteries. :-) I am doing well with temperance, but it really is not making much of a difference. LOL

  4. Rissa - Good analogy! Hoping to be re-charged soon. I want Temperance to become a real habit, not something that I have to think about. I'm going to keep working at it! Good for you for staying on the wagon-- :)

  5. Don't despair! I haven't even posted to my blog in almost a week and am adrift in a variety of UFO's right now and feeling a bit sheepish and un-accomplished. I've made it a New Year's resolution to finish up some unfinished projects.


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