Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Oh, things are looking up...

My friend Thomas emailed me some tips on what to look for. I opened the pictures in another editor and resized them. Things are looking up. Thanks, Thomas!

Chris and Mila Max

His name is Max, not Mac, as I, uh, said in previous post. Mila is so sweet to her baby brother.
Here's Mila with her Dad, Eric.


  1. Well, Houston, we have lift-off! Wonderful pictures!

    I had a feeling size was the problem. Whenever I tried to upload too-large pictures to Blogger it just wouldn't do anything, much as you were describing. In WordPress I can reduce the size on-screen, within the post, so size isn't much of an issue. And WordPress is compatible with Picasa.

    Glad to know Mac is really Max--I thought you had a new grandchild I'd missed! So funny.

  2. Sweet Mila gets prettier every day!

    and you just get smarter and smarter. . .

  3. You have a beautiful family!!

  4. Debra and Deborah - Thanks! I'm proud of all of them, but those grandkids are just about perfect. Does that sound too Grandma?

  5. Jane Ann - I started looking at the size as soon as you mentioned it, but couldn't find a way to resize them. It was never a problem until they switched from Beta to New Blogger. Have to go through some extra (and annoying) steps this way, but maybe it will get better.

  6. Yes, I always resize photos before adding to the blog, I had this problem early on and didn't even think about it when you were having yours...Glad you got some posted, finally, what a beautiful family =-)


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