Saturday, December 30, 2006


ACey and Jane Ann (and anyone who might take the time to answer questions about Wordpress or Typepad), I'm interested in knowing about how to switch, about losing all the archived Blogger stuff, prices, picture posting, difficulties, etc. My email address is on my Profile page, and I'd appreciate your opinions.

I have already spend more time and effort trying to figure things out and make adjustments than I care to. If there had been any solutions, I wouldn't be so discombobulated. However, since nothing I've tried (refreshing cache, trying Firefox, new template, etc.) has worked, perhaps the thing to do is to look at another blogging home. If I am going to learn "Tranquillity" as old Ben mentioned, maybe spinning my wheels in frustration is not the answer.

There is some trepidation here... Are my difficulties due to the switch to New Blogger? Is something else going on? If I move my blogs, will the problems be solved? Or is the problem something I will take with me?


  1. For what it is worth, I have not been able to go into the new Trader's Village blog I set up for Quilt Studio and add any of the button codes. I think blogger is not functioning right, right now. If you move, just make sure we have your new address.

  2. I am currently at Wordpress. I am very happy with it. It is working well for me. The move from Blogger was not problem free but I am glad that I went through it.

    I started the new blog and experimented with it while I kept the old one too so I was able to see if I liked the new or not. Then when I was comfortable with it I announced the move.

    Moving the archives was very easy except I had to upload all of the photos again (which, by the way, is still not done.)

  3. PS. Good luck with your decision!!

  4. Hi Jenclair, just popped by to wish you a happy new year :)... c your having problems with blogger. I just moved over to the new blogger and redesigned my template to match my website so maybe I could give you a hand... is it just picassa that it wont play along with?

  5. I couldn't be happier with Wordpress. The learning curve was complicated by the fact I expected it to be as quirky as Blogger. I kept making it too hard. When I switched, I had no trouble at all transferring all my archived posts. It was literally pushing one button and it took a minute or two. BUT I had not at that time switched my Blogger account to the beta version. That may add a complication I'm unaware of. My archived posts looked a little wonky in the new Wordpress blog, but that's because I'd had to do some strange formatting at times to get Blogger to even post for me. Over time I went back and cleaned up the strange things that popped up in the new Wordpress blog. (Wordpress doesn't want you to compose in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste to your Wordpress blog. But I've never "lost" a post in Wordpress the way it could be done in Blogger.)

    As Deb said, start a new one but keep the old for a while. I keep the old Blogger account just as a redirection tool to those folks who allow only other Bloggers to leave comments.

    Uploading pictures is easy and I've NEVER had a problem with Wordpress (that wasn't of my own making). And it's free.

    Email me if you want some help.

    Jane Ann

  6. I had no problems at all transferring my archived Blogger posts and comments to my WordPress blog, but that was from Old Blogger. A friend of mine who tried to switch from Beta to WP had some problems. :-/ (But she says she's happy she switched anyway.) I had a little trouble figuring out how to get my WP template settled in to look how I wanted, but other than that I've found WP super-user-friendly.

  7. I think that all of my difficulties with blogger were temporary, and I know that other forums would probably also have their own quirks and difficulties. So I'm staying, for now.
    So I don't know anything about the other forums except as a reader. The thing I don't like about both of those is that they ask you for your email address. And it seems like whenever I post a comment, I get a deluge of spam. It might be unrelated, but to avoid this, I try not to leave comments on any other forum besides bloger.

  8. Jen I wrote you a tediously detailed email about my thoughts on this subject. Since I am still learning how to make my first-ever Mac perform that way I want it to, I haven't figure out how to open email addresses from profiles yet. So I just went with the email addy I had on hand, hopefully it got to you okay.


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