Sunday, December 03, 2006

Swap and Birthday pictures

Here is the cool Aurora postcard from the swap with Deb H. -- don't you love that Angelina fiber sparkling across the Alaskan sky? The thread work flower has a shisha mirror as its center and the thread work holding it in has a spiral!

I need a new coat and was planning on a simple wool one of grey or black. I'm already planning to attach my flower pin to the lapel. Thanks again, Deb!!

Here are the pictures from Amelia's birthday dinner on Friday night.

Amelia and her grandfather made a cute couple...

until Chris arrived with his "Mohawk" and Amelia divides her attention.

I made Fee lean WAAAY over so I could get a picture with Laddie.


  1. love the "leaning in" shot. And what AWESOME swap items!

  2. Beautiful pieces! Looks like a fun birthday celebration. Thanks.

  3. ACey - He,he! Looks like it would have been easier to get up and move, huh? Yeah, my swap items have been EXCELLENT! As I glance up at my frog and spiral :)

    Nellie - It was a fun celebration with good food and wine and memories of the Drama Queen's day of birth...

  4. Love the one at the top! And Amelia and Chris make a very handome couple. :-)

  5. What a handsome family group you have!

    Glad you like the stuff!

  6. Beautiful swaps and great family photos. I love seeing the people you talk about in your blog.

  7. Love the Aurora and the pin! They're beautiful. Family photos are great, as well.

  8. Looks like fun! It makes my heart happy to see those wine glasses on the table!!

  9. A handsome family is right! I like to see people's families--there's something about all these beautiful young people of the next generation that is really moving. {Not that the older generation is lacking anything--:)}


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