Friday, December 29, 2006

Still Catching Up...

Still having difficulties with pictures. Most important current problem is that Fee got us (us?) a new camera, but he has it with him. All the Christmas pics are on it, so I can't load them to Picasa to even see if I can post them. He did get back in town last night, but left this morning before I could grab the camera!

And CHaOs has made an occasional return to what I'd hoped to be the post-Christmas settling in. Typical, that. You make plans for one thing and find it completely disrupted. You find yourself in the middle of something for which you have no plans, but must deal with anyway! I'm breathing deep, exhaling slowly, and trying to force my poor disorganized mind into a coherent path.

Yesterday, the 2nd disc in the Mulberry series arrived, and soon, I will take the time to sink into that for a relaxing visit with some favorite characters. I love several BBC series, and Mulberry was recommended by Carl a while back, so I put it on my Netflix que and watched the first disc before Christmas. Charming and eccentric. Geraldine McEwan is so likable, even when being crochety.

I'm so divided right now... I want to get back into a useful routine, and I want to do absolutely nothing but read. Incompatible. The table topper I started before Christmas lies abandoned, but maybe I'll get around to it before long and have it ready for next year. Decorations and tree need to be packed up and put away. I have a stack of books to read. Bills to pay. Deposit to make. Laundry. Yardwork. I've made some progress this morning; may give myself an afternoon reading marathon, before taking Laddie to dinner.

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  1. Jen, I read the last paragraph of your post like it was a freeform poetry series. It really built a lovely rhythm culminating with "taking Laddie to dinner".

    I get into this thing during the last week of the year when I try to complete as many things as possible. It doesn't matter what the "things" are - I just try to FINISH as much as I can. Then, once everybody is back to school and worth, I can start to think about business as usual and whatever it's going to mean for the rest of the winter season.


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