Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lots o' Links

Still unable to post pictures, but want to share some pictures from other blogs that make me smile.

In Mississippi, Delta of Arts/Quilts has put Santa hats on her pink flamingoes and a wreath around the neck of one of her gargoyles.

Over at Nellie's Needles are the cutest chocolate Christmas mice with instructions. Aren't they adorable! I'm so gonna' try these!

From the Wren's Nest here is Winter Girl sitting by the fire and looking very much at home.

A link to some impressive and slightly eccentric art done with stainless steel forks. By way of Quilting with Ragdolls.

Fee's birthday was last night. I waited. He called: "Be back in town around 9:00. " I waited. A little after 11:00, he makes it in and blows out the candles on the birthday cake... Plans are always an iffy thing around here.

Erin, Eric, and the grandbabies will be in on Christmas Eve. :) In time for Amelia's Christmas Eve get-together!

Back to wrapping, cleaning, etc. Checking that list!


  1. I have actually seen the flamingos! :-) We love our yard art in Mississippi. I have a swan made from shovel heads and pieces of hardware. He is meant to scare folks away. hehehehe

  2. So come on, Rissa, SHARE! As I told, Rhonda, I think it is the Felder Rushing influence - my hero.

  3. Jenclair - thanks so much for stopping by my blog- I'm glad you like my Winter Girl! I leave her out until Feb. or so. I'm glad you'll be with your grandbabies on Christmas Eve - how fun!! Merry Merry Christmas!

  4. Jenclair~ all the best wishes to you and yours this Christmas and always.

  5. Enjoy your family time, Jen. Can't believe it's almost 2007!

  6. Jenclair, another thought popped into my head: what browser are you using? Maybe there is an incompatibility with your version of whatever browser you are using? I use Firefox 1.5 (yes I know it is an older version) but it works fine. My tech guy told me not to update to IE 7 because it is incompatible with my AVG virus protection software. Just sayin'.
    Season's Greeting to you and your family.


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