Thursday, December 21, 2006

Beta was just a grotesque experiment?

Still unable to post pictures. Well, actually, they know that big empty box with the little red x ? That is what I'm getting now.

Comments from yesterday indicate that others are having or have had similar problems. Shelina, ACey, and Susan have all had difficulties. Evidently, some blogs have made the transfer, some are in the process, and some are waiting for notification. I'm waiting for notification, but worried.

I managed to get several chores and errands accomplished yesterday, then I finished most of the Christmas shopping. Not so much on the wrapping, though...

Today, some baking if I have time, but no pictures of the delightful and charming little kitchen adventures, and no, not because of Blogger. My messy efforts don't bear documentation. The product is generally pretty good, but the process is neither smooth nor efficient, and does not lend itself to photo shoots of the sort I adore on other blogs.

You know, those beautiful shots of food preparation (dough rolled out on a floury counter, chicken stock simmering on the stove, an egg delicately tapped on the side of a blue vintage bowl); the lovely aqua and red pattern of a kitchen mitt lifting the loaf of perfectly browned homemade bread from the oven - the image so successful that you can smell that homey, comforting smell of fresh-baked bread; and ending with an exquisite place setting and food artfully arranged on the plate? As a barely adequate and disinterested cook, my love of these photos seems a bit weird. But I DO love them and admire not just the ability to cook with such aplomb, but to stage these wonderful photographs as well.

Ya' won't get those here.


  1. I'm not a photo-shoot friendly cook, either. I do like to cook, but only when I'm in the mood or somebody clearly needs that sort of fussing-over-them nurturing and comfort. I only use a cookbook for baking but I read them all the time, like novels. People at the library have commented that I must be quite the chef. Ha.

  2. Jen, I'm really feelin' your pain on the picture issue. Do you think the pictures you're trying to upload are too large? Just a thought. (That used to be an issue with me when I was using Blogger.)

    So funny you mention the photo-op cooks. I was going to do something like that the other night as I baked a cake for the office party. But, honestly, there was NOTHING visually appealing about anything in the process! Ah, presentation is everything.

  3. I hope the blogger photo thing gets straightened out. Seems a lot of people have problems with that part of blogger.

    I use Picasa which I love. It's free and they have web albums which is what I use for posting my photos to my blog. They produce the html code for imbedding the photos on blogger. I just noticed that they are supporting videos now which I can't wait to try. It will be nice not having to use YouTube.

  4. I don't want to jinx it, but I haven't had any problems with the new blogger (not in beta anymore.) Hope you get things worked out.

  5. Hope you can get your pix issues worked out. I didn't try to post any today so don't know if I'm having trouble but for some reason, I can't seem to upload pix from my home computer as well as I can from my work computer?? Don't know what's that's all about. I too love pix of beautifully prepared food but am not a beautiful foods preparer!

  6. ACey - :) I want someone to cook for me! When Fee isn't here, I dine on cereal, popcorn, cheese and crackers... I don't like the time in prep work or clean up. BUT I like the IDEA of it and wish I took great satisfaction from cooking as Fee's mother did and as he does.

    Jane Ann - I don't know. Worked as usual one day, then they just didn't. I'll try looking into photo size - that is good for an hour or two of confusion! I'd have joined you at Typepad a while back if not afraid of screwing things up!

    Nicky- I use Picasa as well, and as I say, this is something that just cropped up. Videos -- cool!

    Kim - I'm still in Beta, and I think that is the problem. Surely once they make the transfer, things will resolve themselves...

  7. Jo(CQ)- It is after 8:00 and still no luck. However, I think Jane Ann is right; for some reason, the pictures are now huge and I can't figure out how to make them smaller. They will post to my family blog which is private, but not to the others.

  8. I really do like your sense of humor. Okay, I won't look for those Kitchen Beautiful pictures here. =)

  9. Hey, I am still having trouble leaving comments on half the blogs out there. LOL I love to cook, but it is an inelegant affair...for the most part unfit as a subject for photography. :-D

  10. Well, that's okay, we'll still hang out witcha anyway.

  11. Jen, my dear, you have painted with your words a picture every bit as evocative of the scene as a photo would be, even more so, I believe...The fact that you have a great love of and ability to use words is always so eloquently evident in your posts...=-)

  12. Jen, not so much pictures (so far, fingers crossed) but my sidebar is acting ugly and it's beginning to get on my nerves.

    I hear you about the cooking ... I really couldn't care less unless it's baking. Now that I do enjoy but nothing else.


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