Thursday, November 23, 2006

So Much to Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday, I received a wonderful package from ACey.
Here is the adorable little quilt,
a detail shot,
and the package of Foil she included because I have never tried foiling. Wow - it made my day!

And,see, the back is pretty as well. I love the detail included in this little quilt - the mother-of-pearl buttons, the frog on the water lily leaf, the butterflies, foiling, beading, couched yarn, text, embroidery, handquilting, fish and flower beads, spiral... Symbols everywhere! I love symbols, especially spirals (yes, Thomas), and I'm trying "to live the life I imagine" (paraphrased H.D.T.). Thanks, ACey, I really love this!


  1. I'm smiling at your happiness in this exchange. Somebody who saw this before it was mailed wanted it badly and tried hard to persuade me to make you something else so they could buy it. I felt a tiny bit mean saying no, but it just didn't seem/feel right or like it where the quilt was "supposed" to go.

    Tried hard to give it a cohesive image while also creating little surprises for closer inspection. Hope you have fun with the foil. I'll look foward to results cropping up here on your blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Glad Fee is on the mend and hope the same is true for your sinus infection ...

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Jen!

  3. I love the art...I know you were so happy to open the mailbox and see it.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jen, to you and yours.

  4. Isn't tht so cool ! Happy Day to you, too, Jen! Love your vintage post card...

  5. ACey - Whew! I'm glad you stuck to your guns, girl. I love my little quilt! Can't wait to try foiling...I do love shiny stuff.

    Deb, Sioux, Debby - I do hope everyone had a good day. Thanks for the good wishes.

  6. ooooh - I've never heard of fabric foil before. I always learn something new on your blog! Thanks!

  7. Miriam - I've never tried it, but have no excuse now! I'm going to have to think a bit about how I want to use it and do a little practicing first, though.


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