Thursday, November 30, 2006

Postal Delight

What a great day for mail! I didn't think I'd gotten any mail yesterday because I checked after 4:00 and nothing was there. So I put a letter to be mailed in the box and raised the flag. When I got home this morning after a small but hectic crisis, I noticed the flag was down and checked the box. Ooooh! My Quilting Arts magazine and a surprise from Rissa!

The Christmas rush must have had the mail running REALLY late yesterday. However, since this morning I needed something good, something to relieve the stress and put me in a joyful frame of mind, I'm glad I didn't discover them until today!

Aren't these delightful postal gifts? Such a lovely pincushion and a butterfly waiting for a place to land! Thanks, Rissa, for a wonderful surprise and perfect timing!

The weather has changed, the temperature is dropping, and it is just beginning to rain. I'm headed for my chair to read and contemplate my good fortune.


  1. She does do beautiful work, doesn't she? And I think I recognize that butterfly! Our mail showed up last night at 6:40, and the garbage ran the night before at 8:20.

  2. Oh, I do like that pincushion! What a nice surprise for you =-) Enjoy your read...

  3. awesome swap. I love the way the arrivals have been so well-timed for you, as well.

  4. It was just a small thing. The pincushion idea came from whip up. :-)

  5. Delta - your poor mail man! Imaginge not finishing until that late.

    Debby - I love good mail!

    ACey - Isn't it amazing how much something like good mail can brighten your day?

    Rissa - I love it! Whip up has some good ideas doesn't it?

  6. it is so nice to get mail and espacial these goedies

  7. Emmy - I love getting mail, especially special things like this.


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