Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Last of the arty meme

Last 2 of the 7 postcards (accompanied by the wrist pincushions) that I sent out last week. At least 5 of them have found their targets. All were fun
to do.

I finished the hand quilting on an old WIP the other day, made and began applying the binding yesterday, (I always need some hand work for Monday night while I watch Heroes and Studio 60), and finished this morning. It is now in the washing machine to get its wrinkled, homey look.

Now which of the other half-baked projects shall I turn to?

Bloglines appears to have mended itself. :)


  1. Your birds are so full of character. I love them.

  2. Your postcards are so fun! I really wish I'd been quick and signed up on your list!! =-)

  3. I'm happy to have "rediscovered" your weblog. Yes, I follow links, too. Your now in my toolbar favorites so I won't "loose" you again. I like the idea of your Gallery site and enjoyed seeing all those photos and then reading about them on this site. Thank you.

  4. I just love those birds!

  5. Jules - Thanks! I was all over the place with these postcards.

    Debby - It was a fun project!

    Nellie - I really enjoy your blog and seeing your beautiful quilts, especially the "crinkle" ones!

  6. Micki and Gerrie - Thanks for the nice comments!

  7. Wonderful postcards--so bright and cheery!


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