Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm a clicker...

are you a clicker, too? I love following links on my favorite sites. I click on pictures to enlarge them, I follow links from one site to another. Sometimes, unfortunately, the origin is lost as I click across the internet; where did I begin this journey? When something interests me, I want to share it with you.

Here is a link to a post I particularly enjoyed by maison madcap or in her other persona, kotton frolic; I enjoy applying the binding to a quilt, too.

All of my arty memes should have arrived by now so I'm going to share some pictures. I sent out two "tulip heads" and one umbrella. Tomorrow I'll post some more.

Thanks for all the nice comments on Saturday's post!

Yesterday, Laddie and I spent nearly 2 hours at the Norton Art Gallery's new exhibit: Window on the West: Views from the American Frontier. The paintings were by artists both well-known and celebrated (Remington, Bierstadt, Audubon) and unknown. One painting came from Andy Warhol's estate - he had an extensive collection of early Western Art. Who would have thought?


  1. Maybe Andy needed a place for his eyes to rest after all that color! & yes I click a lot too. Sometimes getting lost along the way. I find the coffee has gone cool & time has flown by, & nothing is done, but my mind is spinning with possibilities!

    I love the little umbrella girl too!

  2. Yes I click - I am quite indiscriminate and frequently wind up miles and miles from where I began.

    I love the different styles of postcards you created for your swap.

  3. Speaking of clickking, I always get frustrated if I lose my trail back to where I started. I need an electronic trail of crumbs.

  4. Yes, I'm a clicker. I've realized that it is the reason I own so many new books and why I get so little done around here...but it is so FUN!!!!! =-)

  5. I am a clicker too! I wish everyone kept their blogrolls up to date, I have so much fun following a trail now and again. I also track back from interesting comments on posts. :-D

  6. I love my little umbrella girl too, and the back is just as pretty with a riot of colors.

    I click through constantly to new websites, especially from the comments on blogs I read. I've found some great new favorites doing that.

  7. Deb H - Exactly! Possibilities...the internet is full of them.

    ACey - I know. I might start with a quilting subject and end up with astronomy with myriad points in between.

    Rhea - I would love that! I'm sure that it is already being done to track our buying habits, but I like to remember the divergent paths I take.

    Debby - uh...yeah...there is that... But what the heck! House work can wait!

    Rissa - Me too. I used to that more than I do now...because I recognize so many more.

    Delta - I'm so glad. Another comment clicker, too.

  8. Jen, I received my postcard a while ago, and I am so sorry for the delay in saying thanks! It is so pretty. I called it a jester because of the shoes, but tuliphead is appropriate too! Thank you so much. You made quite a few pieces, and they are all so pretty! Thanks for doing this. I am going to have to get mine sent out now.

  9. Shelina - I'm so glad you got them! I sent someone a book not long ago, and it never arrived, so I'm glad to know your stuff made it.


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