Tuesday, November 21, 2006

frosted roses, books, etc.

Cold morning here. I think this frost has put an end to most of my garden. The roses are lovely with the frosted look, but the salvias have a much less attractive appearance and the cannas are dreadful.

Fee didn't get home on Sunday until nearly 6:00 and was sick. He went to First Care yesterday morning and got some antibiotics to go along with all of his over-the-counter medications.

I called the doctor yesterday to make an appointment for my flu shot, which I should not have put off for so long, and asked for them to call in my annual sinus medication. Picked that up last night, but my ears still feel as if I'm under water.

Yesterday, I made some progress is cleaning up my last mess in the sewing room and spent some time trying to get the rest of the house straight and the laundry caught up again. Then I settled in and read. Finished Five on a Treasure Island (reviewed on my book blog) and started a mystery dealing with a trip Sigmund Freud made to New York in 1909.

This is what I need to get back to, but for some reason, I don't feel like it.


  1. We didn't get frost but we did cover plants last night. Today it is back to being beautiful again!

  2. Your project will still be waiting for you when the time is right and you are ready to get back to it.

  3. I love the dreamy summertime backporch feel to the color combo in the fabrics. "Not feeling like it" where a lot of things are concerned today so the swap's arrival was very timely in terms of lifted spirits. As I said in email, I will blog about the package tomorrow, for sure :)

    love the dreamy summertime backporch look of the color/fabric combo of the WIP

  4. duh. I don't remember typing that twice!

  5. Maybe it's too summery feeling for you right now. You'll feel like working on it toward spring time. Right now you're probably feeling more like fall.

    I hope to get my art memes done this weekend. Your's came today. see my note below. THanks again!!

  6. Debra - that's the way of our part of the country isn't it? A couple of cold days then back to warmer weather.

    Rian - I thought it would make a pretty baby quilt, but don't have anyone with a baby due at the moment. I depend on my daughters' friends for the baby quilt demand.

    ACey - The fabric IS very spring/summer backporch. I'm glad your spirits were lifted!

    Deb H. - It is too summery for the current season and no real need to finish. Things have been so hectic around here, I'm glad I got the art meme stuff out on Saturday!


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