Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Closing of a season...

Each day, the changes in the garden are more evident. What is missing in evidence of my
work...because I've continued to neglect much
of what needs doing.

The grape vine is in decline with more and more leaves looking like this one.

Little frog sits among the leaves waiting for his next meal.

Today is windy, very windy, so more leaves will be ready for the compost pile in the next few days.


  1. If I get me mind back after the surgery, I hope I will begin to paint and sew again.

    The wind here in Texas is ferocious today...I was sleeping in my recliner, the only place I'm comfortable at night so far, anyway, the tree limb by the french doors was almost bent to the ground.

    After I am weller, do you mind if I draw your leaf photo?

  2. It raining here in North Texas. Such a bummer, but makes for a reason to stay inside and cut up fabric.

    Happy WIP Wednesday!

  3. Souix -As soon as you feel better feel free to draw anything you find on my blog! The wind gusts here are pretty scary, I opened the back door and had a huge pile of leaves to sweep up! I picked up stuff that might get blown and secured a few things earlier.

    Nicky - Don't we all love an excuse! I needed to go to the grocery store, but will play with fabric today instead!

  4. Just about blew me away when I went to lunch with my mom today! I thought about a little golf practice but it is too windy for that. The lake looked so cool with the wind blowing the water and a field of long grass looked like cloth waving at me!

  5. What an appropriate simile for a quilter!

  6. Oh, I really like that first photo.

  7. Love your grapevine leaves and little frog.
    That Geriatrics from Hell site speaks to my heart. I'm sending it to all my kids to warn them what to expect from me from now on. LOL!

  8. Somebody better feed that frog soon. He's practically in rigor mortis already!


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