Friday, November 24, 2006

Bloglines failure

I'm so annoyed with Bloglines. For some reason, it isn't picking up all of the new posts. When this happened the other day, I thought it was just a one time thing, but I've discovered 2 other blogs today that had several updates that I wasn't aware of. Oh, I hate to have to go down my long list of blogs to see which ones aren't updating. So far, I've discovered that Rian, Delta, and Debra have had posts I've missed.


  1. Jen, I flipped a switch in my settings that may help the Bloglines pick up my feed. You'll have to let me know.

  2. Blograrithm does the same sometimes...who knows!!

  3. Bloglines was driving me crazy too..I could not see all the pictures people posted (got red x's on lots of Blogger posts) and found that there were posts I had missed too...
    Switched to Google Reader on the philosphy that since Blogger and Google are the same company, that their reader should be able to display the pictures right..
    It has its frustrations too...sometimes posts are repeated (not sure WHY the feeds get picked up as unread again) but all the pictures come thru and so far, I think everyones posts get thru - at least ONE time (maybe more!)
    I like it better overall...

  4. Gee, I never knew there was such a thing.

  5. Ok, I did like Rian, I found a setting in 'publishing' on my settings. It had said 'No' under the 'Notify' & I switched to 'Yes'. Maybe that'll help.

  6. I just got home after being gone all afternoon, and even though I sent Bloglines an email (and received an "incident #) there are no new posts. The same screen as before I left.

    I think I'll wait a little longer before making a switch...but not too much longer!

  7. You're experiencing the same thing we all are. For a while I thought everyone was out shooting a turkey!

    Bloglines works sporadically, and RingSurf is annoying because it bounces around the same blogs, missing others, and it doesn't notify you if there is a new post. You have to surf through them all to find a new one, and not all the blogs I enjoy are linked to Ringsurf anyway. Guess there's no real solution.

  8. I was frustrated by the same thing. I could see there were designations of new postings for blogs that I read in the sidebars of other blogs. I could access them from those websites, but not my own.

    Here's a tip from my son who designs computer programs. Hold down the "shift key" with the mouse arrow over the "refresh icon" on your server. This clears the cache in your computer and the newest "page" will then be loaded for viewing. I have an Apple Ibook. Hope this works for all of you having this problem.


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