Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back on track...

I am trying to recover the momentum lost over the past few days of under-the-weatherness. House is a mess. Even before I was feeling bad, I had several really busy days that allowed me to conveniently excuse my lack of housework. Can't find my copy of Tender at the Bone...into which stack of books has it disappeared? My frustration is mounting.

So...I've put all the library books in my bag, have started gathering books from the various locations in which they've been deposited, and am about to begin a room by room search. It may be in the refrigerator for all of the good sense I've shown in the last few days.

And hopefully, I'll get back to work on some of my projects. After the housework and bookgathering, of course. And laundry. And one last trip with Laddie to the doctor this week. And grocery store and pharmacy. Well, maybe tomorrow...


  1. "It may be in the refrigerator for all of the good sense I've shown in the last few days."

    Couldn't help chuckling over that. When my baby sister was very little, we tore the house apart one evening, looking for her special blankie. She sobbed herself to sleep that night--the whole family was upset and on the hunt. The next morning it was found--in the refrigerator. She's still a little absent-minded today--evidently she'd opened the fridge for something, laid blankie down, reached in, and then shut the door. And apparently none of us went to the fridge for our own needs until the next morning.

    I suggest you look there first.

  2. On friends, Joey used to put books in the freezer when they upset him. He was reading "Little Women" and when Beth got sick, he had to put the book in the freezer.

    Good luck finding it.

  3. Sorry you have been under the weather, but it looks like you are doing better today. Housework is highly over-rated. Have you ever heard of anyone saying "if only I had done just one more load of laundry"?

    Good luck finding the book!

  4. I love that combination of fabrics in the top picture. Just enough of the black/white stuff to set off the colors of the others. Can't wait to see what you come up with using them.

  5. I really like the fabrics you've got going - just the thing for my white northern landscape!

    And happy birthday, too!


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