Monday, October 23, 2006


Thanks to all of you who have replied with info on quilt retreats! I'm eager for more so if anyone else has information, anecdotes, lists, or suggestions...please contribute.

This weekend was pretty busy with driving Laddie:
  • Friday afternoon - all over the country. We did see one coyote, but no deer or turkeys. Catfish dinner at Murrell's to finish the day.
  • Saturday - when I finished with the Tai Chi class and got to Laddie's, he was preparing to go to Minden to see Aunt Mary. He'd failed to inform me, but off we went. Went to Country Tavern for his baby back ribs when we finally got back to town.
  • Sunday - Fee changed out the shower head in Laddie's shower, and since Laddie-boy was with my brother, Fee and I went to lunch, then to Lowes for paint possibilities. We were pretty much in tune here, thank goodness. Sometimes our visions on color are not in sync. Haven't reached final decisions on which colors for which rooms.

Finished Wild Swans and Falling in Love with Natassia, but haven't gotten around to reviewing them on the book blog. In general, a resounding YES to Wild Swans and NOT REALLY on Natassia. Erik Larson's new novel Thunderstruck has been added to my lengthly "to be read" list.

Tonight: Studio 60 :)


  1. jenclair: I love reading your posts when you talk about family and those wonderful names - Laddie and Fee.

    I wish we could have an Artful Quilter's retreat - it would be pretty hard to find a suitable and equitable location, but wouldn't it be fun?

  2. Gerrie - Yes! It would be wonderful to see all of the people whose blogs we keep up with. I know you have met a number of people at various workshops, but my community is entirely virtual.

    Some areas of the country seem much more vibrant, promoting workshops and shows frequently. My area does have an active guild (which I should probably join), but isn't as active in non-tradional ways.

    I haven't heard of any retreats at local quilt shops, either. Although they offer various workshops.


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