Monday, October 16, 2006

Slow Weekend

This old fireplace facing came from a shop in New Roads, LA a couple of years ago and moves around garden:
one year in this bed, one year in that. The poor thing still hasn't found a permanent home. Propped against the stone bench where I put it in July--and promptly forgot about it--the little orphan looks quite neglected. The kind of thing you look at without seeing. Maybe next year, it will find the perfect spot in the garden.

Stink bug season.

Saturday, Laddie and I took another slow country crawl. We drive in normal fashion down to Raft Bayou, then proceed at 5 mph, stopping occasionally and getting out and walking around, but mostly with our eyes on the woods, looking for deer or other critter activity. No luck in the deer department. We look at birds, butterflies, a random squirrel, a huge hollow log, wild flowers, fields planted with winter wheat, newly harvested cotton fields... On the way back into Bossier, the sides of the highway are littered with white from the cotton that escaped transport. As usual, I forgot my camera.

Saturday night, I did some hand quilting while watching Neverland; Sunday was reading, yard work, and allergies.


  1. What did you think of Neverland? I haven't seen that one yet.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Sunday afternoon! We have lots of deer, but it's bow season, and I just HATE hunting!! I tell them (the deer) every night to run far far away for a couple of months so they'll be safe. :) Love that fireplace facing!! What a great garden piece! And you know, I wondered if they still grew cotton further south....

  3. DebR- The film was beautiful, Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet are always interesting to watch, and I find myself intriqued with J. M. Barrie. Will be looking for a good biography. Was it great? No, but not a bad way to spend an evening.

    Angie- Hunting season is a danger down here, for humans as well as animals. My husband and brother are hunters, but I hate it. Oh yes, cotton is still a big crop around the area. I should have had my camera to take pictures of the fields before harvest as well as the cotton on the side of the roads when they take it into town for shipping.

  4. oh I loved reading about your "homeless" garden ornament! These are the little details of unplanned design that always hold a special thrill for me.

  5. ACey -I wish I were better at using some of the neat things I find! Some people are so creative in their use of odd pieces. They see the piece and know where they will put it before they even buy it.

  6. I grew up with those bugs, what memories....

  7. That's quite a lovely composition in B&W.

  8. Screendoor Aren't they the most annoying creatures?

    Rian Thanks!


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