Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ooo, la, la Bernina! and Red River Revel

This has to be the most interesting Bernina advertisement I've ever seen! Mine was not delivered this way. Found the poster on Life's a Quilt where this recipe for Cranberry Tea Cake also appears.

Fee and I took Laddie to the Revel last night. The weather was great, the Natchitoches Meat Pies delicious, the beer cold, the people-watching great, the art booths fun and interesting.

Laddie bought a picture for Maggie, and the artist was so sweet to him, I thought we might have to go back and let him buy something else. Her works were of children, horses, and Western themes. Laddie really liked all of them and finally decided on this small, framed piece. This is a good picture of Laddie and Gloria Shanahan, the artist. She is from Kansas City.

I asked a few other artists if I could take pictures, but most of them declined. This gentleman obliged...and I wish you could see the detail in these works. They are created by threading silk threads side by side. The entire "paintings" are silk threads. His card reads: ABISSA HANDCRAFTS, Home of SaM's Handwoven Silk Threads Mosaic Art, Baton Rouge, LA. They were quite expensive, and deservedly so. Individual silk threads! But, not woven (inspite of his card) or stitched. Just placed next to each other, each one lustrous and distinct. Click to enlarge, wait, then click the icon in the bottom left corner, and you'll get a better idea.
My favorite booth was that of Jean Yao of Ft. Lauderdale. She agreed to let me take a picture, but when I asked her if it was OK to post it on my blog, she seemed reluctant. I googled "Jean Yao and baskets" and found that she has been juried in to some excellent arts festivals and won "Best of Show" in many (and their cash prizes are in the thousands), but found no pictures of her baskets, and believe me, they are works of art. So, unfortunately, no pictures of her wonderful work.


  1. jenclair, I printed the Bernina ad off Hedgehog's blog and took it to my Sit & Sew group on Wednesday. We meet in a children's sewing shop that provides Berninas and classroom space for us. It's middle-aged women, but the cute gal who owns the shop is probably still late-thirties. We all had a big laugh and the shop owner propped it on a ledge near one of the cutting tables. And no, my Bernina didn't come with that accessory!

    PS Whew! You've got some handsome men in your tribe.

  2. Jane Ann - I'm not sure if our interests are guided by sewing or sex! I love that you printed the pic and took it with you to your sewing group. Bernina has a winner with this certainly caught our attention, didn't it?

    Can you tell how much Laddie was enjoying her attention? She gave him a kiss, and I swear, he floated the rest of the time.

  3. That nice young man who let you snap his picture--extraordinary stuff! I love the rich color and movement in his work.

    I have seen the picture of the hunk with the Bernina. Woof.

  4. Rian- I liked these from a distance, but when I got up close and saw how they were created, I was amazed. I love the color and movement as well.

    :) Woof, indeed, on Mr. Bernina!

  5. I dunno, it looks to me like he's inviting you to press his buttons!

  6. Madcap- Sounds like a plan! :)

  7. I have the strangest feeling I've seen Jean Yao's baskets. Very unusual shapes, right? She was in one of the art shows here, probably the one at St. Joseph, Michigan. It's a good one, but I remember thinking that she was way better than many there. Apparently she is very leary of having her work copied, and I guess she is right to be. Sad for those of us who just want to admire though, isn't it?

  8. Kay - I'm not sure. She agreed to my taking a picture of her in front of her work. Only when I mentioned putting it on the "internet" did she defer, and she seemed a bit confused. She may not have wanted her picture on the internet. I just backed off and said I wouldn't post it. Her baskets were odd shapes, of palm material, some very large.


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