Friday, October 20, 2006

Offensive Commercial

Second post today!

Kay posted an entry about the latest Burger King ad. Obviously, a number of people found it offense. What are some of the television ads that you like or find offensive. Some leap to mind immediately, others I'll have to think about a bit. I love the ones that are funny and creative, hate those that seem exploitive, manipulative, or stupid (and assume that I am stupid).

I'm also tired of ads that depict Americans as sex-obsessed, crude, obnoxious, etc. No doubt, many of us are, but ads often hold these traits up as admirable. No wonder so many people feel comfortable with offensive behavior.


  1. there's something about ALL commercials that offends me even more than questionable content and that's the way the decible level increases to the point of being painful whenever a program switches to advertising.

    Thus I had no idea what that BK commercial was even about, content-wise, until I followed your link. Because I hit the mute button every time the switch occurs.

  2. i will admit that the "man law" beer commercial (not sure what brand) tickles me. i find annoying the commercial for office supply store (not sure which one) where speedy happens by tapping the red button.

  3. ACey - That change in volume is painful isn't it? They know we leave the room, don't they? They turn it up so that we can hear it in the kitchen when we use the commercial to get a snack.

    Karoda - Yeah, the red button is annoying. I love the California Cows playing Marco Polo, though.

  4. Amen! What I particularly agree with is your comment about ads holding obnoxious traits as admirable. That idea was lurking somewhere in my post, but I didn't state it as well as you did.

  5. I hate the way women are portrayed, but all men are portrayed as boobs too. I don't understand the philosphy behind brands like Outback Steakhouse that use a thoroughly irritating character as their spokesperson--is the message, "Come eat here because you will fit right in with the other idiots?" And the commercials for Las Vegas seem counter to attracting any but the sleaziest visitors.

    Geico and Volvo, however, crack me up. Our current Volvo favorite is the curly-haired girl being buckled into the backseat by Daddy. She's talking a mile a minute (all parents of daughters can relate) and she's totally in her own expressive world. Dad is trying to shut the door without appearing to ignore her. The look on his face as he watches her in the rearview mirror could only come from a dad. My DH loves it too. 'Course the little girl looks like an older version of my DGD who is equally verbal, so we are a little biased toward this one.

  6. Kay - I tend to tune out the obnoxious better than the offensive. I have to wonder how effective even the best commercials are. Often I can remember the ads but not the products. Even those that yell the name over and over...

    Jane Ann - I do wish that advertisers would give us more credit and more respect. I'm with you, "eating with the other idiots" doesn't exactly make me want to be there.

    I adore the Geico Gecko and the little girl who chatters on and on. The way the Dad looks into the rearview is such a positive message. Understand the bias perfectly!

    Another favorite - The California Cows! I thought I'd mentioned it, but don't see where. But I love the new one where they are playing Marco Polo.


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