Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Monster Family

Mila wants to be Queen of the Monsters when she grows up. What can I say? Do you sense the Halloween influence at work here? Since I found the idea an engaging one, I sketched, then embroidered my version of her goal. I used some diluted acrylic paint and lots of coffee to age it, then a Pigma micron pen for the "Queen of the Monsters." Think a mat and frame should finish this fun project. When I showed it to Miss Mila while I was working on it, she thought it was her family: Papa, Mama, Mila, and Max.

Now, I've got to make myself finish that last Halloween quilt which for various reasons has failed to call me to work on it.


  1. Jen, that is sooo cute!! And yes, a frame, and that will be a treasure for years to come! :)

  2. You've got a cute little monster family there!

  3. what fun!!! You are bucking for grandma of the year award!

  4. Thanks, Angie! I got a shadow box from Michael's (50% off, couldn't even use the coupon) which has worked pretty well.

    Shelina, I didn't intend for it to be a family, but Mila placed everyone so quickly!

    ACey, it was fun...but I'm to limited in my skills for that award!


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