Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Miscellaneous This and That

Nice rainy day here. Skipping the Tai Chi in the park even though we usually practice under the large gazebo and could avoid the rain.

On Calico Daydreams' site, there is a link to some Bizarre American Holidays. My birthday celebrates National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day - missed Dunce Day by just one day.

I do have some things I have to do, but then I'm settling in for some good reading.


  1. That's a wonderful picture that you posted, Jen!! Hope you enjoy your rainy day reading. I love days like that. It's going to be a beautiful day here...after it warms up a bit...low of 24! brrr

  2. Angie - Thanks. I love excuses to do what I want - read or sew! We might get down to 24 once or twice during the winter! That's cold!

  3. I love tai chi in the park, but strangely, the local chapter practices in front of Old Navy at the mall...I supppose the weather is always nice and warm in there, but it strikes me as odd.

  4. :) No, Old Navy isn't the typical setting one might imagine, but when winter comes here (and we don't get much winter), I would much prefer to be inside! The mall would be a great place for places north of the Mason-Dixon Line. And Toronto is WAY north of the Mason-Dixon.


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