Tuesday, October 03, 2006

men & messages; freaky coincidence

My sister-in-law is responsible for the cartoon on men and messages. I love it.

Is this a freaky coincidence or what? I love Freakonomics and discovered this post that will have me looking more closely at the names of those accused/convicted a certain crimes.


  1. We are having so much trouble coming up with a name this time. Guess I'll take Wayne off the middle name list...

    And why is it that when you assisinate someone, all the sudden you become a three name person? I mean, do they usually put middle names in news stories?

  2. For the six months after my son was born (not a Wayne, btw), I kept hearing his name in crime reports on the radio. I was miffed at my husband, who named him. Funny how things work out that way sometimes. It hasn't happened since, thank goodness!

  3. Jules, I have a dear friend whose middle name is Wayne, and he is as gentle and kind as any one could be. Still, it is an odd coincidence about the middle name Wayne, isn't it. I had never thought about the three name thing, but guess it helps distinguish those who might have the same first and last name.

    Madcap, I'm glad your son's name is no longer making the news!

  4. Wierd. Very wierd.

    Jules, that's a good question.

  5. Hi Jen, long time no visit your blog...my update function with blogrolling seems to be on the fritz...but i can't see the image, just a red x.

    the grands are adorable. my grandson will spend the day with us on Friday.

    hangeth in,

  6. Rian, it is weird isn't it?

    Karoda, what is strange is that the picture sometimes shows up on mine and sometimes-- it doesn't.

    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your grandson!


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