Friday, October 13, 2006

Maybe it really is fall

Pictures from the garden.

It was 25 degrees cooler yesterday than the day before. Almost everyone around here was delighted with that feeling of fall; Fee would have loved to be squirrel hunting, but had to go to work. The weather made me want to stay home, read, and sew. I was inspired to make banana bread yesterday morning. Then last night: eggplant soup. With a dash of curry. Delicious.

This afternoon, Fee and I are going to take Laddie to the Red River Revel. I haven't been at all this year, but look forward to the food, the art, the shopping, the various stages of bands, singers, performers. I can't wait to get me a Natchitoches Meat Pie! Mmmmm. The Greek Orthodox Church always has delicious food, too. Stop. Why is food taking precedence here? I must be trying to store up enough fat to survive an entire winter.

If I remember to take my camera, I will get some pictures.


  1. Pretty pictures, Jenclair! I wish autumn lasted a bit longer around here. I have a feeling winter is just about ready to pounce! We've been in the mid-20s at night, but at least no snow yet. It's certainly soup weather and I've been adding some of my favorites to my new cooking blog. My hubby likes it since I need to make the soups so I can upload pictures. :)

  2. Les - Your fall is short because of long winters, ours is short because of long summers. In fact, our winter would be a fall for many areas. We rarely get down to 20 degrees at night, and everything stops if we get snow! :)

    Let's see what you're cooking, I'm always hungry.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. We had our first frost last night - not the total killer but I better make every moment count where leaf printings are concerned. And I'm glad I brought so many roses in, I think they'll be much happier blooming in the warm house.

  4. Acey - No wonder you've been so busy!


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