Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I've adopted a tiny

fellow named Bert, who made his way into my heart. His picture is posted on my book blog, and he is quite a special little guy. Check him out and come back and tell me what you think. (Nina, you will love this! And I will send you that recipe.)


  1. I am completely blown away by your quilts. I have been browsing thru your sites tonight in my last few minutes of work here....wow wow wow. Solar Flames grabbed me....Loved the little black cat in the Halloween quilt...and really , each new entry as I scrolled down made my eyes open wider. Love your work.

    Funny too about the books ! I left a note on your Book Blog about it but will tell you again here...I am reading both Thirteenth Tale AND Tender at the Bone ! I had alhen showed no restraint and went ahead and started THIRTEENTH as soon as I bought it.

    Delighted about Burt ! It made me smile and it tugged at my heart. He is sooo sweet. Peeking out from under his Cave Rock.

    Well , Happy Halloween! It was the perfect thing to do for today in a way , wasn't it ?

  2. oh and I forgot I was going to mention Joan Lintault's blog / quilting....I can imagine from seeing your pieces here that you may already know of her. But that Indigo Flying Fish Quilt was what made me want to tell you about her blog


    Wonderful information here on Indigo Dying

  3. Thanks, Crabapple, I'm glad you like my quilts; they are a great creative outlet and a lot of fun.

    I can't wait to get started on my books and will look for your comments about them on your blog.

    Not sure where Mineral Wells is, but I'd love to visit the sanctuary.

  4. It took me a minute to figure out that the bat is not really living with you, right? I have a friend who has two bats in her house that are really pets. She is an interesting sort, to say the least. She brings them out in a pouch sometimes.

  5. We have a whole tribe of bats that live in the old church next door. I'm a little frightened of them, but I figure that's about me rather than them so I make a point of enjoying them as well.

    I followed the adoption link and was incredibly moved by this project (oh great. In addition to anxiety, I'm also apparently going through a phase of HARD tugging on the heartstrings ...) so I'm thinking Good Samaritan rather than a specific adoption. Plus Bert was my favorite and he's already covered :)

    I did mention the meme thing on my blog today, but it's at the end of a really (really!) long emotive post about the other quilters in my family. I have a hunch many readers won't make it all the way through the post, so I'm going to make a point of publishing the info separately, in a much shorter post, sometime in the next few days.

  6. Jules - I think I get a certificate and a photograph, but no real live bat! We do have a bat house in the back yard, but no bats have settled in.

    ACey - I think this is a wonderful project and love the way the site manages to make each little character both sympathetic and resilient.


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