Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fast Fusing Fabric

I'm afraid Halloween may be a wash-out here. Rain is predicted. Right now the humidity is at 94 per cent and the high will be around 80. After the front moves through, we will have cooler temperatures again. I do hope the rain will either come early or hold off until late so the little ones will be able to Trick or Treat.

Yesterday, I messed up my newly straightened room to fuse some fabric. Last night, I cleaned up much of it again, but today, I think I'm going to fuse some more.

Unlike some quilters who fuse all or most of their fabrics, I enjoy piecing, so don't want to fuse it all. Just when it seems the end is in sight, another piece of fabric says, "I'm just a scrap, fuse me!" The resulting mess of fused and unfused, organizing decisions, and clean up sometimes takes longer than I expect. Have been re-reading Fusing Fun! by Laura Wasilowski (of the Chicago School of Fusing :) and realizing how much easier I could have made things if I'd remembered to incorporate all of her ideas and techniques. She has a lot of tips on creating fused art quilts that I've not been using. Also found some little fused items and small pieces from months ago that need to be in the "fused section."

On to the fusing fun!


  1. Hi, Jenclair. Your bad weather is slowly moving our way to upstate SC as well but may hold off for us until tomorrow. Thanks for viewing the pix of Jackson's Grove Church on my blog. And thanks for the link to the Chicago School of Fusing. I'd been there before but had forgotten about it. Cute site.

  2. Happy Halloween, JenClair! Your picture is adorable!! I do hope your little Trick or Treaters can get their goodies before the rains come. I'm not familiar with the Fusing Fun book. May hae to check that out. I tend to only fuse pieces that aren't big enough for anything else too. I love doing needleturn so I don't do a lot of fusible.

    I know about those anxiety attacks, and the "CRS" attacks that go with them. LOL I do hope this passes soon for you. I've had them the last week or so too but think they may be related to my thyroid disorder. Anyway, dear, I'm thinking about you! :)

  3. Carolina, I do hope we get cooler when the rain goes through. Hope it doesn't interfere with your Halloween celebrations!

    Angie, Isn't that a cute postcard? Ah, the dreadful CRS! The foolish feeling of going into a room, but not knowing why you are there!

    Take care of yourself, rest, and continue your "nesting."

  4. Oh I feel even more out of the loop than usual to learn there is an actual school of fusing! Will have to check out that book as I obviously have much to learn that I might actually want to apply, despite my extreme love of handwork.

    I've also had tremendous anxiety recently. I'm trying to be patient with myself but I'm finding it quite unnerving to be unable to focus and/or stay that way.

  5. ACey - Well, the school is a bit of a figment building-wise, but the "staff" does teach. I really prefer handwork most of the time, but fusing comes in handy. Hope your anxiety has lessened, it is unnerving to be unable to concentrate.


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