Thursday, October 26, 2006


Kids are counting down the days until Halloween. Hope Erin and Eric will take lots of pictures of the Mila and Max in costume and send them. Fee and I will be attending KK and Jonathan's wedding on Saturday night. We will also briefly attend the reception, before going home early and leaving the young people to whoop it up. I love watching them, and all of the couples are so cute AND YOUNG. Our own anniversary is Sunday.

Switching to Beta didn't cause any problems, but (as you can see) I decided to customize my blog, and in doing so, lost my various Ring logos and links. Debra has tried to help me, but so far I've been unable to retrieve them.


  1. yes, happy anniversary!

  2. I just sent over the Quilt Studio code.

  3. Deb and ACey - Thanks! On Sunday, we will have been married well over half our lives!

    Debra - I didn't get the code, but I did receive an email and will reply to that. :/

  4. Happy Anniversary. I'm still not brave enough to try the beta, but eventually I'm sure everybody will be converted over.


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