Friday, October 06, 2006

Alpha, Beta, Beta, Beta...

How many of you have switched to Beta? And what do you think?

I've heard some people have lost posts or pictures and am reluctant to switch. My book blog has a "switch your blog today" message. Has had for several days, and I keep ignoring it.

So what is your opinion, those of you who have switched over? What do you like? What are some of the problems?

Ooops! Now this one has the message.


  1. I Jen, I'm new to blogging so I haven't switched....but....from a different perspective, I can tell you I HATE visiting blogs that have switched to Beta. On my computer, they are so much slower to load...don't know why. I much prefer going to blogs that are still using the "old" blogger. JMHO

  2. I switched and I don't like the fact that the comments don't interface as well for beta to non-beta blogs. I have to type as Other or anonymous and if the blogger doesn't have that option, I cannot comment. (And you know I want to comment!)

    I like having the categories/tags alot. Last night I remembered a quilt top idea I had blogged about and pulled it up with the tags. All the posts were there in order as one column. I liked that!

    The sidebar stuff has been way dumbed down (which a lot of people need) but I had it figured out with all HTML coding and now I can't do that. The template is less adjustable. I don't like that.

    My guess is that everyone will have to go beta before it is all over. IMHO

  3. Another thought. . .

    They may think they have lost pictures or posts but you have to hit the Older Posts at the bottom of the page screen to get to the "before beta" posts.

  4. I switched yesterday. It was seamless and beta is bettah.

    Pictures load faster--everything seems to work better like someone greased the gears. I haven't noticed the comments issues Debra mentioned. It is true that we will all be switched to beta eventually. When you go to the switch page they tell you that.

  5. Grrr--looks like I'll have to switch, although I expected that of course. These were helpful comments. Thanks.

  6. Well, I'm not too eager either, Kay, but thanks to all of you for your in put. I think I'll try switching the book blog first and see how that goes for awhile.

    Debra, I've noticed several "anonymous" postings on various blogs...guess that is Beta Business. I do think the tags are pretty neat.

    Like Angie, I've noticed a slow down mainly because on some blogs there is an extra "clickable" question.

    Maybe they have corrected some things, and Rian as a most recent switcher, has gotten the benefit.

    I'm still pondering this move...

  7. I haven't been given the option of switching yet, but have been wondering the same thing, so I'm glad to see this discussion.

    I love the idea of the tags for posts, but am less than thrilled with pretty much everything else I've been hearing about Beta. And Debra's comment is the first I heard about the templates being less customizable - I don't like that at ALL!

    I wish I could see a screen shot of the new interface (the dashboard part, I mean) before I commit, although as others have said, I'm sure eventually they'll phase out the original and give us all no choice but to go Beta or switch to another blog host altogether.

  8. Deb, what was I thinking! I couldn't switch just one blog! I'm now on Beta with all of them. I gather they will keep making improvements and am keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't screwed up...

  9. well i'm staying with the origiinal...they can't make me switch surely!! I have the comments problem with beta and would hate to loose my customised html blog as it intergrates with my web page. Why fix what ain't broken???

  10. Well, I made the mistake of trying to switch with only one blog, and now I'm stuck with it. So far, I'm not seeing any real problems, but it has been less than a day. Maybe as they continue to improve and smooth things out, by the time you have to switch the comments and customization won't be a problem.

  11. I'll wait until they deal with team blogs. I'm sure we will all get there eventually!


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