Friday, September 15, 2006

Some personal goals...

These are some personal goals that I hope to keep in mind for the next few months...or longer. The list at Self-University (discussed in an earlier post) inspired me to write down a few and begin working on them. Better late than never, eh? Some items are new, others are just some things that I've not been fully committed to and want to attempt to make them habit. (I'm really lame, aren't I?)

1. writing - write memories of childhood for grandchildren (have been doing this, writing a little almost every day); write real letters to people instead of relying on the phone or email...have only managed one so far.

2. genealogy - working slowly on this, but finding it interesting research; discovering census records listing members of a household and their ages and place of residence sparks my imagination

3. clean 0ut, dispose of - I attempt this "slate cleaning" regularly, but don't usually get far; need to get in the habit of disposing of items that become clutter before they begin to accumulate; this may not seem like self-education, but it is a way of clearing the decks and examining what is important and what can be let go. Self-reflection and self-examination, don't you think?

4. read the R.I.P challenge books - no problem, this is going quite well.

5. cook - I'm a "seldom" cook kind of person since the kids have long had their own homes and Fee travels; I find myself resenting the prep time, actual cooking time, and clean up, but I'm working on it. I've tried a couple of new recipes lately. The trying new recipes does encourage me to cook more...and to eat more.

6. Collage a week - Kim at Skybellarts does this and the idea appeals to me, but with things so disorganized at the moment (Fee is replacing the floor in the spare bedroom and stuff has gotten piled in my sewing room), I haven't gotten started on this.

7. keep up with current stuff in literature and culture - Arts and Letters Daily is a great resource. I also check in at the NPR website and have some news aggregates that provide interesting articles.

8. walk or do qigong every day -(not quite succeeding here, but working on it)- Mind & Body work together...I always found learning and memorization easier if I paced and walking is both excellent exercise and conducive to thinking; qigong is excellent for mental, emotional, and physical reasons.

As Hamlet told Gertrude: "Assume a virtue if you have it not...for use can almost change the stamp of nature..." How else are habits built? Or can you really teach an old dog...?


  1. Jen,
    This is such a great idea to actually list your self university as goals you can check off. I actually did more in the terms of having a mindset, an umbrella to live under, and hoped the actions would follow. Yours goals all sound great. That is a very ambitious list. I think I would have a hard time with the collage a week and the keeping up with current stuff. The rest looks like stuff I should have on my list if I had a list - writing, genealogy, cleaning, cooking, and exercising.

  2. Shelina, I started off with several things in mind and began working on a few. Then I decided to include a few more (remember, the way discussed approaching this was with a very flexible timeline)and to post them so I could be reminded.

    The advantage here is that several item on the list I was already doing, but with less specific direction. If those small changes can be accomplished, it will be rewarding.

  3. everything you're talking about lately has been so affirmative and inspiring :)

  4. Well, thanks, Acey. The list is a way to keep a few of the things I'd like to accomplish in mind for awhile. Nothing big, not so many as to be overwhelming...and keeping in mind that I have no deadline in mind. :)

  5. Great post Jen. I also have these thoughts, but have never written them dow, so maybe I should and it would be easier to get on with these things. Thanks for the references, those will be useful.

  6. MargretR - Because I realize what has been lost in the stories and memories of parents and grandparents, I finally started working in these areas. Some actual research with and all the disjointed memories of my own childhood.

    I've spent a little time each day, several times a day, with the memories and discovered that there is more detail uncovered each time.

    But Margaret, think of what you are doing with your recording the visual views of your castle!

  7. The Arts and Letters Daily site looks so inviting with all the info listed do you keep from getting lost in cyberspace :) I've saved it to my favorites, but I'll have to temper myself.

    oh, just dis #5, eat raw fruits and veggies (but stay away from the spinach) :)

  8. K --
    :) I stay lost in cyberspace and elsewhere. I'm gonna' miss my spinach salads...


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