Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sewn Prayer and more about cobbler :)

I love hand-made books and came upon this one, Sewn Prayer, that seems so connected with the quilting world. It is located in the Spirit Book Gallery of Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord. The caption next to it reads: Sewn Prayer was named for the act of sewing, which is considered a symbol of life and its temporal nature. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Frances Pickering is also a book artist and an embroiderer who creates some charming journals. She also teaches weekend courses at Hawkwood College...what a beautiful place to indulge the muse.

And, by the way, the raspberry cobbler was delicious! The recipe was so quick and easy, and if a bit different from other cobblers, still quite good--especially when topped with ice cream!


  1. I like handmade books, and even bought a book about how to make them. I think I made one too - an alphabet one for my daughter. She wasn't interested in it, so I kinda dropped it and picked up quilting instead.

  2. You certainly moved to something that you can use the same creative spirit for. Sometimes items that don't interest our children now, will be of interest I hope the book is being held in reserve for a time when your daughter may feel differently about it.

  3. I love handmade books, also. These are some very talented ladies. Thanks for the links.

  4. Love these books...just started exploring book making. Raspberry of my very favorites...without ice cream!! Yummmmm!!

  5. Micki and Sioux, I'm glad you enjoyed the books. I'd love to take a course on book arts since they fascinate me so. And Sioux, aren't raspberries the best?


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