Sunday, September 17, 2006

pull bull

Carl V posted about Miel-Margarita Paredes' site a while back, and I've gone back to admire and desire several pieces. Loved "visiting" the studio, too. Isn't this an interesting bovine toy?

When I started recording my childhood memories, I didn't think I'd remember much, but the darn thing is turning into a book! Every incident I record leads to thoughts of something else. At one point, the idea was to go back over all the separate little incidents and organize them into a coherent whole. Now, I doubt that I'll ever finish...

Friday, Mac wasn't feeling too spry and, worried about the past problems with pancreatitis, I took him to the vet. Colonitis - Mac received some treatment and I came home poorer, but armed with special food, antibiotics, Lomotil, and instructions to keep a close eye on him. If he didn't improve, he had to go back for blood tests. Most of the time he seems to feel fine, but every once in a while, he seems a little subdued and my worry quotient goes up until he cavorts a bit to make me feel better.

Laddie and I drove all over the country yesterday; we took all the back roads (and many are less than roads) looking at fence lines, the effects of the drought, where my brother or Glen has disked up various fields. We looked for turkeys, but none showed themselves. No deer either, but they don't usually venture from the woods until dusk.

In many areas, we left a huge dust cloud behind us. We crawled all over his hundreds of acres; in some cases I had to drive slowly because of the ruts, but even when the ride was just bumpy, he kept telling me to slow down so he could see if there was any water in the sloughs or to tell me who had adjoining property, or where he got the tractor stuck on several occasions or... It was a pleasant, slow-paced several hours, and he kept up a steady stream of comments. Today, however, I still feel as if my throat is coated with dust.


  1. Hi Jen, you find the most intriguing sites...I would love one of her teapots and the pig trophy and ear braces cracked me up.

    What are you recording your memories in? on?

  2. Karoda, other people find most of them, and then I post their finds!
    Did you look at the studio and see the duck helmets? Too funny!

    I just began writing on one of those letter size pads...mainly because when I started, I didn't think it would take long!

  3. Oh Jen, that sounds like such fun---and what I would do with my brother on his 100+ mountain top acreage in Virginia. I love spending time with him out like that, altho we don't get to do it very often. :)

    A new blogger "friend" suggested I set my photo uploads to the "small" setting. I had mine on "Medium" and it frustrated me to death trying to get them to upload. I switched it to "small" and I'm able to load 2 at a time with no frustration so far. Yay!!!

  4. What a good idea to record your life's story. I've been doing that too, and I too find that the memories come in so fast. I can't type fast enough to get them in as fast as I am thinking about them, although I am a really fast typer. And the stories I think of in my head, by the time I get to the computer, they sound completely different, and there has been so many new angles, and so many new memories. I think it is better than talking to a therapist. I think I've learned a lot about myself, and feel better about myself as I am doing it.

  5. Angie, I'd love to visit your brother's mountain! I have a great affection for mountains and always wanted to live on one.

    Shelina, my first 3 paragraphs were about how little I could remember and why. Then when I actually got to the memories...Whoa, Nellie- we were off! I have little notes jotted all over to remind me later of what comes in my mind as I'm trying to nail down one memory and another one muscles in.


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