Friday, September 01, 2006

Human emotions and odd & interesting sites

This fascinating site tracks human emotions as related in blogs. I had fun playing with this many ways to approach it. I think I liked "murmurs" and "mounds" the best.

The Memory Hole lists suppressed news stories.

A Literary Map of Manhatten....

I've updated my August reading list at my book blog and joined a fall reading challenge focusing on scary, gothic, supernatural books.


  1. my reading blog has fallen off the cliff lol...gonna go check out your link

  2. Climb back up, K.! I enjoyed reading your book blog and got some good titles!

  3. I spent a good deal of time at that We Feel Fine site. Very strange, very engaging.

  4. It is strange, but kind of draws you in when you see how many times certain emotions are mentioned. Of course, there are SO many blogs, now.


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