Thursday, September 21, 2006

How to Paper Piece a Hogwart's Crest or Quilting Harry Potter

Are you a Quilter and a Harry Potter fan? I found this link to Harry Potter Paper Piecing Patterns :) (tongue twister!) while visiting Sunshower Quilts. You can paper piece the Hogwart's Crest and much more. Katrina has done her own beautiful HP quilt--check it out.

I'm losing momentum on my list. Things have been a bit hectic around here lately, and my schedule frequently disrupted. Yesterday I did manage to work on my latest Halloween quilt - Yea! Hope more progress will be forthcoming today.

Last year, I moved this butterfly plant (not Buddleia davidii) last year after the drought had damaged it. I cut it almost to the ground and transplanted it. Although in the past, it was a beautiful spring and summer bloomer, nothing happened until a couple of days ago.

Last night, I watched (Fee went to sleep, of course) Mrs. Henderson Presents. Dame Judith and Bob Hoskins were wonderful in it. I love anything with Judi Dench, an inspiration in any role. The night before "we" watched Bride and Prejudice which was so much fun, so colorful, so charming.


  1. Thanks for posting a link to my site. I see that I am not the only Harry Potter fan who also quilts :)
    Great blog.

  2. Loved your HP quilt, Katrina, and appreciated the link to the paper piecing patterns.

  3. Thanks for the movie review--I have wanted to see Mrs. Henderson, but wouldn't have thought of Bride and Prejudice. Also enjoyed the "we". My husband doesn't sleep, but he can't sit for a movie, and pops in and out.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  4. I have enjoyed both those films. My husband loves movies. His last choice was Grey Gardens. I found it good but distrubing.

  5. Kay, Bride and Prejudice is a silly and fun Bollywood musical take-off on Pride and Prejudice (I'm going to watch the Keira Knightly version this weekend).

    Kim, I wasn't familiar with Grey Gardens, but after some net search, can understand why it was disturbing. Have put it on my list.


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