Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Grandmother's House

Erin, Mila, and Max arrived yesterday, and I am in the midst of "grandmother adoration." Max is a chunky delight; Mila is a slender whirlwind. Too busy yesterday to take pictures, but will manage that today.

We went to see Laddie yesterday. The visit was interrupted by the fact that Laddie had left some medications at the office, and I had to take him downtown and search the office for them. By the time we got back, it was almost time to leave, so I'll have to get pictures of Laddie and his great grandchildren later.

Fee was a great comfort to Max when he was having a bad spell with an upset stomach. For some reason, he was more comfortable in Fee's arms than in mine or Erin's. A bit of male bonding.

Mila spent lots of time playing with Erin and Amelia's old Barbies and all of their tiny paraphernalia. There was lots of dialogue, including one indignant Barbie telling a hapless Ken, "Don't step on my skirt!" and a frantic search for a "dead clock."

Not sure yet what is on today's agenda, but the weather here for the last few days has been wonderful - cool and crisp - so maybe we'll go to a park.


  1. Mmm, I know you are in grandmother heaven. Nothing like it! Enjoy.

  2. Enjoy the grands! It is wonderful to be a grandparrent!

  3. Have a joyful time, and try not to exhaust yourself. Jen

  4. "don't step on my skirt!" Love it. Did you have her bottle of vinegar waiting for her?

  5. Thanks, Jane Ann. I'm enjoying myself, but breathing hard much of the time. Mila is a bundle of energy and singing and dancing aren't part of my regular activities! Every song has a dance, although many are not traditional and some seem more like calisthenics.

    Gerrie, I agree. It is a wonderful place to be in life.

    Thanks Jen, but too late. Exhausted several times a day. :0

    Acey, several bottles of vinegar! Now she says she wants to be "full" of vinegar for Halloween. My mind, naturally, reverts to the old phrase "full of ___ and vinegar" and have to assume that whatever costume she wears, she will be full of vinegar.

  6. Hi jen! Haven't touched base for a while, and I can see why! I, too have been immersed in grandmother adoration, having jusy returned from 10 days in Oregon getting adquainted with a new grandson! Aren't they wonders? Yesterday I took a four-yr-old grandson I was tending out to Burger King, where he ordered some chicken nuggets and root beer. He dipped each nugget into his drink as he ate them, and told me he was having a "chicken float!" :D

    I will check back to see your pictures. When you have a minute, come see my new one. His name is Rhys. Meanwhile, have a fun day at the park!

  7. Pepek- Couldn't help but chuckle at the "chicken float." My crew just headed back to Baton Rouge, so I'm gonna' hit your blog to check on Rhys.


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