Saturday, September 02, 2006

experimenting with woven strips

for a background. Saw this on Simply Quilts recently and decided to try it using Halloween fabrics. Some strips were cut, some torn, some were left overs. Some pieces are really raveled, others are not.

After all strips were woven (on top of fusible web), I used the iron to complete the fused piece of fabric which can now be picked up and transported easily. You can see the fusible on the bottom as I haven't squared the piece up yet.

How pleased am I? I'm not really sure...this was such a spontaneous thing and can easily be transformed by applique and quilting, but at present it isn't too much.

So, what to do with this background? I'm working on some ideas for the applique, but no decisions yet.

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  1. The woven piece is very interesting. I'm probably under the influence of my two kittens, but I'd love to see the silhouettes of black cats playing across this background ...

  2. I saw this in a magazine recently. they did it a bit differently, but generally the same effect. I might give this a try sometime. I agree with sophie about the cats.

  3. Sophie, I'm actually working on a black cat, but a kind of "fantastic" one with a robe and a hat. Don't know if I like it well enough to use it, but at least I know I'm not the only one drawn to the idea of black cats for this.

    computerpeach, the woman who used it on Simply Quilts was working on a much more sophisticated piece, but I wanted to try it any way. Another black cat fan, eh?

    Emmy, thanks. The black cat I've been considering uses needle felting, and I love your felted work. Since I'm not satisfied with what I've got now, I may work on another felted possibility.

  4. Jen, I saw the same episode a few days ago. What about using the woven piece to make a large jack-o-lantern out of? Trimmed and appliqued onto a black background? Face carved in it? It's a cute piece. I liked the technique too.

  5. The woven background is a great technique, and so adaptable. I've used it several times and have been happy with the outcome each time. One was totally woven with batiks and then stamped and appliqued over, the other the strips were woven into the backing fabric just in specific places. By changing the fabrics you can get some interesting effects.

  6. Jane Ann - I've put it aside for now, but I like the idea of using the woven part on a black background. I've been working on a cat to place on it, but since I'm not really happy with the way it's turning out, I'm considering other options. :)

    Delta - I agree that this is an adaptable technique and plan to play with it again, especially since it can be used as background, applique, or both. Congratulations again, on "Jump, Jive and Wail" finding a new home!


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