Friday, September 22, 2006

Chores and links

I've been in a low physical cycle lately. Very tired. No real reason, kind of a biorhythm that results in a lot of yawning and the desire for naps. Today, I'm determined to get caught up on some things that need to be done...housecleaning being the least attractive and most necessary. Looking at the list of things I jotted down to do (none of them entertaining or fun), makes me want to go take my nap right now.

On a positive note:
  • I found the link to this art doll site on croque-choux's blog. I love these dolls and their quilted clothing.
  • Julie Schlueter doesn't post very often, but I check in occasionally to see what's going on. Hills of the Wine Country is a beautiful quilt (50" x 60") that has an Art Deco look.


  1. Cooler weather and shorter days makes me want to go into hibernation too. It is hard to get motivated.
    That wine country quilt is different and pretty.

  2. I go through these cycles every so often and often they do seem to be connected to an imminent change in the weather. A cold front is supposed to push throught this weekend, but right now it is hot and humid.

    Find it difficult to believe that you find it hard to get motivated, Shelina!

  3. I get that way when it's cloudy and gray. No oomph.


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